Sunday, March 25, 2012

where’s your nose?!?

I took this video of Harper a couple of months ago. It makes me laugh every time. So funny!


Harper absolutely loves to be outside. It’s been so nice out lately that we’ve been trying to take her out everyday. We just follow her around as she explores whatever she can. She’s really been into sticks and rocks lately.

I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago while she was playing outside with daddy.


Yesterday (Thurs. Mar. 22) I took some more pictures of Harper while we were playing outside. I was able to document a new discovery – DIRT! It was a messy afternoon!

She also prefers to wear my hat instead of her own hat and likes to put it on all by herself. She’s our little miss independent!


oh, I just LOVE that face!!

the many faces of breakfast

are you getting sick of Harper posts yet? She’s all I have on my camera…and what’s a post without pictures?!? I’d take more pictures of ry and I but whenever he’s home from work he’s only half dressed. And, well, since we’ve been up at the ranch and I’m very pregnant, I’ve had a strict “only sweats/pjs and no makeup” policy. Needless to say it’s pretty unattractive and totally not camera worthy!

I’ve been playing around a lot with my camera lately (if you haven’t noticed)…I just love the quality of pictures. This morning I took a bunch of pictures of Harper while she was eating breakfast. She’s so stinkin’ silly!


d-day is creeping up…quickly!

It boggles my mind that I’m already 35 weeks. How is that possible? Time has gone too fast. If this little guy arrives like his sister did, he could be here in less than 2 weeks. I’m holding out for him to come late though. PLEASE! I’m just not ready yet! Excited about meeting him…but not ready.



Wow…I really don’t feel quite as huge as I look in these pictures. Apparently I’m starting to look like a beached whale and I didn’t even know it.

The closer it gets, the more anxiety I get about managing two kiddos. And what about Harper? Is this totally going to mess with her? We’ve tried to help her understand…but she is only 16 months. {I’m afraid she might think she has a baby in her belly too…uh-oh!} And she just adores babies and loves to hug and kiss them…but will she love one that never leaves?

Any tips or ideas to help me help Harper have a smooth transition? Oh and to help me keep my sanity???

daddy’s chair

This morning Harper wanted to sit in daddy’s chair to eat some of her breakfast. She felt so big and looked so dang cute…so I had to capture it!


piano prodigy

Harper has been loving the piano lately. She’ll walk over to it several times a day and want lifted up on the bench so she can play for us. She especially appreciates clapping and cheering for each of her pieces. In fact, if you haven’t started, she’ll start clapping to prompt you.

I recorded this video of her playing last week:


And some cute pictures from this week:



Happy Valentine’s Day!

yes, almost 2 months late…that’s how we roll around here!



my helper girl

Harper has become quite the helper over the last month. She loves to do little tasks for me like throwing things away in the garbage. About a month ago, I was cleaning the floor and she seemed pretty interested so I gave her a rag to help. She got right down to business and was cleaning EVERYTHING! Now every time she finds a rag she proceeds to clean the floor or table or something!



Just yesterday (Tues. Mar 20), I was making pizza and had left the hot pads at the edge of the counter. I watched her as she stood on her tippy toes to reach them and then walked over to where she thought they went. She opened the drawer and realized they went in the one above. So she stood on her tippy toes again and reached up to open the drawer, put the hot pads in and shut the drawer. I was just watching her in amazement! I never asked her to do it and I had no clue she even knew where they went. Then she wanted to help unload the dishwasher, so I gave her a few things that were in her reach to put away and she knew right where they went!

Might as well train them young, right?!?


So we have a porcupine living around the ranch house. We’ve creatively named him porky and harper loves looking out the window and spotting him.


I didn’t know porcupines were so big and slow. He’s kinda fun to watch as he waddles around and climbs trees and stuff.

We love our pet porky!

our little cowgirl