Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ryan.

Yesterday we celebrated Ryan’s big 2-6!  

During his morning meeting I decorated his van all bday style. He was pretty excited to drive around the DC ghetto with a car like this…


I even decorated the inside and left him a lil gift. Do you recognize the bag?


After work, we went to our new favorite restaurant - Bonefish Grill. It is divine. Everything about it. Divine.IMG_0449b


{Ry trying to open up his birthday present that I majorly overly taped with packing tape. I’m cruel like that. Notice the wrapping paper. Newspaper. Very thrifty.}

After dinner, we invited all of Ryan’s guys and their wives our freakin’ amazing friends over for cake. IMG_0455

{DQ birthday cake. Can’t get much better than that fudgy crunchy middle. Oh my.}

Then we all headed to the 12:01am showing of Transformers (Ry’s one birthday desire). I admit it. I slept through half of it. And Ryan…just parts of the last battle scene. We’re all paying for it today. But it was a lot of fun!


Thanks to everyone who partied with us and sacrificed their precious sleep to fulfill Ryan’s crazy birthday wish [Transformers at midnight].

This birthday won’t be forgotten…

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Testing Testing 1-2-3

I’m testing out this cool AMAZING program I discovered.

I think I might be in love!

Check out Live Writer and you’ll probably fall in love too.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

i heart ny too!

ry and i were lucky enough to escape for a few days last week and bask in the glory of new york. it really is one of my favorite places. we are super grateful for our wonderful friends, the stokes, for putting up with us for a few days. we always love hanging out with them!! this new york trip was more about the food than the touristy thing. it was so much fun!

Our Itinerary

Day 1
1. walk from times square to chinatown...a whopping 3.5 miles. on the way, check out koreatown, greenwich village and soho.

2. walk up canal st. and get attacked by the chinese people saying "purse, handbag, chanel, gucci, coach"

3. find a restaurant and eat something weird. how about actually wasn't that bad.

4. ride the subway back up to times square and wait in line for 1 hr for discount broadway show tickets.

5. find a very yummy, expensive chocolate store (la maison du chocolat) and be in heaven.

6. eat at John's Pizzeria!!! (our fave)

7. go to our discounted broadway show Rock of Ages and laugh our butts off!
Day 2
1. eat poutine and belgian fries and a million yummy dipping sauces at Pommes Frites in East Village and fall in love.
2. follow up with dessert at my california discovery, Pinkberry, and watch all the strangely dressed hippie-like people out the window. oh it was heaven!!!
3. go back to chinatown and watch all the weird people walking around including this man with a live florescent orange rat on his shoulder. weird!
4. follow the chinese ladies saying "purse, handbag, chanel, gucci, coach" into secret back rooms and vans and haggle for rip-off designer purses until your adrenaline is higher than it should be. {now this was fun!}

5. buy a coach purse for almost half what they were asking. success!

6. ride the subway back to times square and show off our new bags. *Lindsey-I need the pic of us with our new purses!!!*7. introduce the stokes to the beauty of John's pizzeria.

8. take a group shot in times square
9. go back to the stokes' and eat ice cream, watch valkyrie and sleep!

Day 3
1. eat breakfast at sarabeth's (yummy). eat so much that it's uncomfortable to walk.

2. take a stroll through central park, cuddle on a big hard rock and love life!
3. go back to la maison du chocolat and devour the creamy ganache goodness.

4. ride the train back to the stokes' and take a much needed recovery nap.

5. hang out with the stokes'. (why don't we have more pics with you guys???)

i have to can't get much better than this!
can it?