Wednesday, December 24, 2008

guess who's coming today...

you're right! this big ol' jolly man...
which i must admit, i'm pretty excited about. but more importantly, i'm going to see these people in less than an hour...

i can't even tell you how excited i am to see my family! i haven't seen my mom, dad or bro since june...ahhh!! i feel so blessed to spend this christmas season with my family and my in-laws. i couldn't ask for anything more than that! it's going to be the best christmas!
on that note, i probably won't be posting for a while. i'm going to enjoy the short time i have with our families. after christmas, ry and i are heading with my family for a lil vacation in california and las vegas. i'm sure i'll have lots of posting to do when we get back.
but in the meantime...
{enjoy this amazing season. remember the true reason for the season...our savior. spend time with family and friends. laugh alot. love giving. be grateful. eat alot of yummy food (and don't even feel guilty about it). tell someone you love them. and be cheerful!}
i know i will

Friday, December 19, 2008

i've been tagged by courtney!


1- he's a college graduate!
2- he's extremely patient with me
3- he LOVES family
4- he works his bum off
1- manager of modeling school
2- human resources assistant
3- sales associate at several stores
4- wife
1- biggest loser
2- 90210
3- hannah montana
4- icarly
1- mom
2- facebook
3- scentsy
4- blake bedke
1- pumpkin chocolate chip bread or cookies
2- anything with chocolate...of course
3- homemade fries w/fry sauce
4- pizza
1- my house in canada (we're going on 2 years...ahh!)
2- disneyland
3- egypt
4- mexico
1- getting my permanent residency...finally!!
2- hanging out with ryan a lot (in the off season)
3- living close to my bff hil again
4- visiting canada and seeing friends/family

I tag whoever is reading this and is bored and wants something to do :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

i miss ryan...

ryan left early monday morning to head to arizona for the week. he took a couple new recruits with him to do some training and knocking and just have some fun. they met several other guys from the region, so there's about 13 guys down there and it sounds like they're having a blast but...

I MISS HIM SO MUCH!!! i don't know if i can take it anymore. this is the longest we've been apart and it's feeling a lil tragic. i miss his kisses and snuggles and his sarcasm and sillyness (sorry...i just really do!). don't get me wrong, i'm hanging out with his fam and it's totally fun and i love being around them...but it still doesn't completely fill the void of being without ryan. it's so crappy without him really hurts.

on that note, this is my plea...ryan come home soon. i love you!!!

**i know you're thinking i'm a big baby for not being able to handle a week away from my husband, but we're just really in love, okay!!??!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

exciting scentsy news!!

we just got word from Scentsy that for the month of January anyone who hosts a party will receive DOUBLE the hostess rewards. how awesome is that?

this means...if your party reaches $150+ you get 2 half price items. if it reaches $250+ you get 4 half price items. $400+ is 6 half price items and $1000+ is 8 half price items. this is an amazing offer!! and on top of all the half price items, you get 10% of your total sales in free product!!!

{half price items include all "combine & save" packages except for perfect scentsy, scentsy sampler, and double the scentsy}

i'm currently booking for january, so if you want to get in on this amazing offer let me know! {they really don't do this very often} january is a great month to get your friends together and spend some of that christmas money you got!! also, if you live far away you can do a catalog/basket party (it's so easy~call/email me for details).

check out the new scentsy blog:

Saturday, December 13, 2008

happy graduation day!

wow! he is one HOT graduate!!!

yesterday was an exciting day. ryan graduated!!! he finally made it and i am so freakin' proud of him. he's very excited to be done...
Align Left

we were happy to have ryan's fam come and stay with us for the night. it's always fun to be with them. thanks for coming!!! we love you!

the future plans: ryan is going to continue to work for pinnacle for the next couple years. we'll stay in rexburg because it's a great place to recruit and of course, we have our wonderful home here. we're excited for our next adventure :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

these are divine...

i'm not even joking. so addicting but oh so GOOD!!

They're coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'll see my dad and mom and bro on december 24th. big smiles!!! :)

thanks for all your help...

Dear Dad...

{note to readers: my parents are supposed to come down here for christmas this year. unfortunately, due to some events...they might be changing their mind. they're flip flopping back and forth (well mostly my sweet father). so if you wanna throw in your 2 cents worth in the comments to help me convince them to come PLEASE do!!! i can use all the help!}

i know things are a little stressful right now and kinda hectic. i completely understand. but if it's worth anything i just want you to know how badly we want you to come for christmas this year. let's be honest, we haven't had christmas together since 2006!! how tragic is that?? and i know it's really my turn to come home but considering the circumstances and my inability to leave this blessed country it would mean the world to me if you would bring your lil booty down here. think of all the fun we'll have?? :) ry keeps asking me whether you guys are coming or not. i was teasing him because he was so curious but he admitted to me that he was pretty excited for you guys to come. don't get me wrong, we completely understand the situation and if you can't make it, it's really ok. no pressure (wink, wink). however, you will be thoroughly missed. but just know...your presence has been strongly requested :)

oh and ps. who the heck is gonna look at my "maybe crashed" backup drive and figure out what the crap is going on???? i need you!!!!

oh and pss. can call of duty world of war convince you??? lol
we love you guys and miss you!!!!!! xoxoxoxo

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

where have you been?

my bff hil did this on her blog and i wanted to play! it's fun to see everywhere in the US that i've been. seems as though i need to make it west, south, and northeast. one day :)

visited 30 states (60%)
Create your own visited map of The United States or try another Douwe Osinga project

take 2 min, go make your own map and post it on your blog then bring your lil booty back over here and comment so i can go check out your blog cuz i wanna see...where have you been?

white elephant update (incase you're dying to find out what i did!?!)
thanks for all the white elephant gift ideas. i was trying to think of something that i could regift (as per many suggestions) but i couldn't part with ANYTHING. so i just ended up picking up the game apples to apples (my most favorite game!!) while i was wandering around walmart. it happened to be a hot commodity. we ended up getting The Dark Knight. we were pretty excited about that!

Monday, December 8, 2008

white elephant!?!?!

//definition:: noun. {1. a possession unwanted by the owner but difficult to dispose of 2. a possession entailing great expense out of proportion to its usefulness or value to the owner 3. an abnormally whitish or pale elephant, usually found in Thailand}

we have a christmas party tomorrow and we're supposed to bring a white elephant gift. i've been racking by brain for ideas...something fun, unique, useful...but i've got nothing. the best we can come up with is a gift card...lame-o!!! so we need your help!! what are some good ideas for a white elephant gift? PLEASE help help help!!! it's tomorrow (tuesday) @ 5pm so HURRY!! :)

[note: it's mostly married couples but there are some single guys and the max is $20]


Sunday, December 7, 2008

a lil weekend getaway

pinnacle security had their year end party this weekend in salt lake city so we decided to make a mini trip out of it and have some fun together. {fun = shopping, yummy food, hotel, and party} we had a blast together (as always). and it was fun to see all of the success pinnacle has had this past year. ryan's office was recognized for being #5 in the company (that's out of approx 60 offices!). way to go babe!!! here are some pics of our trip...

our table with some of the guys from ry's office. the dinner was delicious!
ry and i all dressed up. boy is my hubby a hottie!!!!
congrats to JESSE (my bro-inlaw...can you tell?) & BROOKE. they got engaged on December 5th and are getting married in April. we're so excited for you guys. yay for marriage!! :)
we went for a stroll around Temple Square after the party. the lights were beautiful and i was pretty pleased with the outcome of this pic.
we're so in love!
driving home this afternoon from utah...we feel pretty cool in our RayBan sunglasses :)

we have a winner!!!

thanks for all who entered the warmer giveaway. there were so many entries!! it was really fun and exciting typing out everyone's name a trillion times and cutting them out :) anyway, i know you're anxious to find out if you've won, so without delay...

the winner is...

Val and Dan you have won the scentsy warmer and scent of your choice ($35 value)! please contact me at with an address.

last minute christmas shopping??
are you starting to panic because you still don't have that perfect gift picked out for that special someone in your life? just your luck!!! you can come shopping at my house! i just got a big shipment of warmers and i have tons of other products on hand. so, if you're in the area give me a call and take home that perfect gift today!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

my faves...

sarah @ thrifty decor chick is having a "favorite things" party and i wanted to play!!

so here are a few of my favorite things (in no particular order)...

1 my christmas tree. it seriously brings me so much joy to look at it (i know it's really not all that fancy, but still)...especially when the lights are all twinkly and stuff.
*refer to picture 3 posts down :)*

2 mac makeup. have you tried it?? any of it? i know, i's expensive, but it's AMAZING!

3 back rubs. i would gladly accept a back rub 20 times a day. oh so good!

4 i can't decide whether i should be ashamed to admit this or not but i LOVE the new 90210. i watched it once just to see how comparable it was to the old one and now i'm totally hooked. so much drama...i love it!

5 my recent craft projects. ok, ok i can't tell you what they are (not even any clues) because they're christmas gifts and i'd hate to spoil the surprise but i'm seriously OBSESSED with them...and want them all for myself! but after christmas, i promise i'll reveal.

6 a warm bed. you know when you're freezing cold and you crawl into your warm, comfy bed and cuddle up to your hubby? that's the bestest feeling in the world.

7 pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. oh my goodness! my mouth is watering just thinking about them :)

8 have you tried this....freshly squeezed orange juice. if you haven't, i think you should. just peel em, shove em in your juicer and waa-laa....yummy goodness!

9 i just discovered the amazing versatility of mod podge and i'm so glad i did. i can't stop making things now because i want to use it so bad. i'm a lil slow in the crafting world i think.

10 my ny&co comfy outfit. i'm pretty sure i could wear it everyday. i know i've worn it at least 2 days in a row. is that gross? lol. sad thing is i accidently got the pants with bleach tonight. i almost cried. oops! time to go shopping i guess :)

what are a few of your favorite things?? join in on the party!!!

i'm losing my mind.

don't worry...i know what you're thinking. the original title of my last post was "less than 24 hrs" but i stated that there was approx. 32 hrs left. ya...i'm pretty sure i'm going crazy.

less than 36 hours...

we need only 2 more comments on the giveaway for the winner of the warmer to get a free scentsy bar as well. that's right...i said 2 MORE!!! so stop being shy and enter your name (i can think of a few people who check out this blog and haven't entered yet)...maybe you'll win or maybe you'll just be the good samaritan and help the winner get a lil extra. either way you have approx 32 hrs and 15 min to click here and go enter the giveaway.

and while you're at it check out my friend's blog. danae is giving away a pair of aeropostale jeans. click here to find out how to enter!

and if you're really really dying to win something, check out!

oh ya, and 1 more thing. we're heading to utah tomorrow so i won't be able to draw the winner for the warmer until sunday night or monday morning. sowwee!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

it's beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS...

on Monday my sis came over and helped me decorate the house. we turned on some Josh Groban 'Noel' and got our decorating on. it was so much fun. i don't have a ton of christmas stuff, but here is my "christmasy" house now...
the pretty christmas tree. it has a decoration for every year of my grandparents use to give me one every year. it was fun to hang them on the tree again.

the new cyprus scentsy warmer. i think it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
when i put up our 'fake' christmas tree i started warming the christmas tree scent. let me just say...our house smells like a real christmas tree and we seriously can't get enough of it!!!! SO GOOD!!

the stockings were hung on the stairs with care :)

the festive shelf. i didn't post my fall shelf but i've been changing it for the seasons. it's fun!

the willow tree nativity scene we got last year for christmas from grandma bedke. i love love love it!

and this is my new crafty thing...i made it last week and LOVE it!
ps. don't forget about the warmer giveaway ending on friday @ midnight. there are only 3 days left! click here to enter.

quote of the week

my sis and i went to a craft fair on monday. i'll probably go back because it had the cutest stuff and there are a few things i can't stop thinking about!! anyway, we saw this quote on a sign and absolutely love it...

"Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain."

boy, does that hit home :)

i'm back!

i hope everyone had a super thanksgiving! we had an awesome time with ry's family. they sure know how to make me feel like the perfect addition to the family. it really feels like home and we had a great time visiting and eating alot of really yummy food. on saturday, we went to the new twin falls temple. it was really pretty and great to be there with the fam. i didn't take any pictures all week tho. lame oh lame. i always forget. one day i'll learn!