Thursday, December 4, 2008

less than 36 hours...

we need only 2 more comments on the giveaway for the winner of the warmer to get a free scentsy bar as well. that's right...i said 2 MORE!!! so stop being shy and enter your name (i can think of a few people who check out this blog and haven't entered yet)...maybe you'll win or maybe you'll just be the good samaritan and help the winner get a lil extra. either way you have approx 32 hrs and 15 min to click here and go enter the giveaway.

and while you're at it check out my friend's blog. danae is giving away a pair of aeropostale jeans. click here to find out how to enter!

and if you're really really dying to win something, check out!

oh ya, and 1 more thing. we're heading to utah tomorrow so i won't be able to draw the winner for the warmer until sunday night or monday morning. sowwee!!

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