Friday, August 6, 2010

Mr and Mrs Wilde

We went home for a few days for my lil sister’s wedding. It was an exhausting week to say the least, but it was so fun to see all my family and friends (it had been over a year) and see my sis get married.

Day of Decorating:

IMG_7258being a slacker w/my aunt di. {my belly looks huge here. it’s definitely not!}


IMG_7300ry being mighty helpful



the end result. beautiful!


Day of Wedding:img_7344Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Wilde! Isn’t my sister gorgeous? Ya – I did her hair and made the flower :)


IMG_7360my family doing what we do best – being goofballs!


IMG_1220 hanging out at lunch



Congrats you two! We love you!!


Click here to view more pictures of the festivities.