Monday, January 30, 2012

Where are we now?!?

I know you’re all dying for an update on us! Well here goes:

  • In December, we moved into a cute little rental house in Ryan’s hometown. It’s a 2 bed, 1 bath older home with a lot of character and we love it! I just wish we owned it because there is so much I want to do to it…like completely overhaul the kitchen. Dreams!
  • In December, we found out we’re having a baby BOY! We’re super excited! We’re still busy disagreeing on names…
  • Just last week {Jan 21st}, we moved back up to the ranch for a couple months to feed cows for the winter. We’re here Tuesday thru Sunday. I was initially dreading it {I’ll be honest, I thoroughly enjoy being in civilization and having all day access to pinterest and television} but it’s been a good change of pace. Being up here is a good reminder of what’s most important in life {and that’s not pinterest…obviously}! We’ll be here until the 1st of April as long as everything continues to go well with this pregnancy.

Well that about sums up our life right now.

baby, it’s cold outside

On Wednesday, there was still a lot of snow on the ground from a big snowstorm we got a couple days earlier. I thought it would be fun to take Harper outside and let her play in the snow for her first time. Unfortunately, after her afternoon nap most of the snow had melted. But we still ventured outside as promised.

When she first got outside, she wasn’t exactly sure what to think of it…especially when she fell down. It was cold and she wanted picked back up immediately.


But after a little walking around and showing her how fun the snow is, she was there to stay. 


She points outside everyday since to go play. And I happily oblige. I’d say she liked it!

And yes, my child is still wearing her minnie mouse pajamas at 5pm. Don’t judge!

Ringing in the New Year–2012 Edition

We spent New Year’s Eve with all of Ryan’s family. We had a smorgasbord of amazingly delicious appetizers for dinner and played games. I lacked in the picture taking department that night, but here’s what I got:

The food: we had a cheese ball, chip dip, bean dip, sushi, stuffed jalapeno peppers, bruschetta, deviled eggs, stuffed tomatoes, beanie weenies, spanakopita, sweet&sour meatballs, and more?!? It’s making my mouth water!


Harper was being quite the entertainment after dinner. She would put her wet rag on her head then make sure she had everyone looking at her and laughing and then she would rip it off. She’s such a silly!



new camera test

I got a new camera just before Christmas and was testing it out on Harper.  She’s by far the prettiest subject around!








Christmas 2011

On Christmas morning, we opened gifts at our house {did I mention that we’ve been living in our own place as of December?!?}. Harper’s most favorite part was her stocking. We had to keep her interested in the gift unwrapping, but she did great and loved all of her gifts. After Christmas at our house and before church, we went to Grandpa & Grandma Bedke’s for the favorite Christmas morning tradition ~ omelets and cinnamon rolls!

I love this video of Harper first thing Christmas morning. Talk about speedy crawling!

Fall 20117

After church, we went to Great Grandma’s house for more gifts and then to Grandpa and Grandma’s house for even more gifts, delicious grub, and playing with cousin Jaden {see far right, top picture}. It was definitely a loaded day of Christmasness. Harper was spoiled rotten all day and was completely exhausted by the end of it {see far right, middle picture}.

 Fall 20118

Thanks to everyone who made our Christmas very special!

Harper and Santa

I forced Harper to sit on Santa’s lap at our ward Christmas party. This was the sequence of her emotions:




It makes me laugh every time I look at these. Silly girl!