Monday, January 30, 2012

Ringing in the New Year–2012 Edition

We spent New Year’s Eve with all of Ryan’s family. We had a smorgasbord of amazingly delicious appetizers for dinner and played games. I lacked in the picture taking department that night, but here’s what I got:

The food: we had a cheese ball, chip dip, bean dip, sushi, stuffed jalapeno peppers, bruschetta, deviled eggs, stuffed tomatoes, beanie weenies, spanakopita, sweet&sour meatballs, and more?!? It’s making my mouth water!


Harper was being quite the entertainment after dinner. She would put her wet rag on her head then make sure she had everyone looking at her and laughing and then she would rip it off. She’s such a silly!




Kristen said...

Haha! I have a confession to make. As we drove home from my parents' house at 9 pm on New Years Eve, I was annoyed with Ben because he wanted to celebrate with "just" our small family. As we drove by the Bedke's, I saw all your cars there and said in my not-so-sweet voice - "See! People like to celebrate with their extended families too! Look at all those cars!" Hehehe. I'm glad to see you WERE enjoying yourselves. (We did end up having a fun night, of course. Grumble grumble.)

The Musson Family said...

Wow the food looks yummy and Harper looks like she is waiting for some of it.