Saturday, January 31, 2009

the nerves are kickin' in

so my immigration interview is in less than 48 hours and i'm starting to feel a lil like this...

i know i have no reason to. we're madly in love and i'd say our marriage is pretty darn legit. but what if i get some big intimidating scary guy? and what if when he asks me where i was born i'm so nervous i spew out bangladesh instead of burlington? or what if i forget ryan's name? that would be tragic!
so in a desperate attempt to gain composure (i'm getting butterflies just typing this), i was wondering...
do you have any good tips for me?

Friday, January 30, 2009

i heart scentsy

it's about time i announced the winners of the odor out room spray giveaway. because february is approaching and i'm just all giddy and excited, i have decided to give 2 away!! so, the winners are... (drum roll please)
Britt Farris
Jenny Runyan

Congratulations! I hope you'll love the odor out room spray as much as I do!!!

Just a reminder...everything* is 10% off in February. It's the perfect time to stock up on those scents you love or to try something you've been dying to try. Also, there is no guarantee that all of the fall/winter scents will return next year, so stock up on your faves NOW!

*You'll need to get your orders in by Feb. 28th to receive the 10% discount*

Scentsy Event
What: Open House SALE
When: Saturday February 7th
Time: 2 - 5pm
Where: Bedke Residence...456 Sunflower Rd (The Meadows) Rexburg, Idaho
Description: Everything is 10% off, so come stock up. Also, get a sneak peek at the new Spring/Summer Catalog and Scents (not available for purchase until March 1). And of course, just for coming you'll be entered into a drawing for a FREE room spray! Don't forget to bring a friend!! Or maybe even bring your husband/boyfriend and show him what you want for valentine's day!

See you there!

*Perfect Scentsy, Scentsy Sampler, and the Double Scentsy are excluded from the 10% off since you are already saving more than that anyway!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

single again

ryan is gone again! he'll be back saturday night to pick me up so we can head to boise for my interview on monday. then he'll drop me off at home on tuesday and leave again for the rest of the week. sad day!

i'm really starting to hate this single life. it gets old real fast. really old.

i guess you gotta sacrifice a lil to make money. and i'm sacrificing my husband. very noble of me, i know!

well, i'm off to clean, bake cookies, shower, and prepare for my night in with the girls!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

February Fever

i kinda feel like doing this when i think about the upcoming month...

i am so excited for February!! i'm really trying to patiently wait for january to end so i can enjoy the greatness that February has to offer this year. Here's why:

1. i have my immigration interview in Boise. that's right, if everything goes well (which i'm assuming it will) i'll be a legit US permanent resident on Feb. 2nd. Finally!

2. my birthday. i love birthdays even if nothing exciting is going on. it's just fun to have a special day for you!

3. everything Scentsy is 10% off (except perfect scentsy, scentsy sampler and double the scentsy) AND they are sending us the new Spring/Summer catalogs and scents for March. i'm so excited!

4. the day of love...i LOVE valentine's day! it's just so romantical and stuff.

5. we are going to see Brian Regan in Blackfoot. if you don't know who he is, he's a comedian and he's hilarious and clean! go check him out on youtube, if you need a lil laughter in your life ;)

6. the day after Brian Regan, we're going to see Rascal Flatts in Salt Lake (and we have good seats!). i really can't tell you how excited i am for this. i think it's a dream come true. ya, i'm pretty sure it is!

7. i would imagine with our trip to Boise and Salt Lake i'm gonna get a lil shopping in. Ry loves to spoil me whenever we find good stores. and let's be honest, what girl doesn't love to go shopping and be spoiled?

8. we'll probably have a mini romantical getaway (or maybe 2) at some point with all of the traveling. i seriously love those little trips when you just get away (it doesn't even matter where) and stay in a fancy, nice hotel and do fun things and just be in love!

am i forgetting something? i feel like i am. anyway, are you jealous yet?

only 1 week until the fun begins. woohoo!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

the beauty of blogging

{i hope you didn't take offense to that last post. i just reread it and thought that maybe it could have been taken the wrong way. it was all in a lighthearted attitude...promise! even if you don't comment, I LOVE YOU! i love that you care enough about us to see what's happening in our lives or what crazy, random thing i've posted about next.}

now onto the subject at hand...

i've been thinking...thinking alot. this is the core of my thoughts:
1. why do i blog? i decided there were 4 main purposes to my blogging. 1. to keep family/friends updated on our lives 2. to keep a journal of our lil family for personal records 3. to share my recent discoveries (like coupons, movies or yummy candy) in hopes that someone might find them useful 4. to share my thoughts/feelings [blogging is really a great outlet for me in times of happiness and crappiness]
why do you blog?
2. blogging is amazing!! think about it with me for a get on the internet (also amazing) and type out the adventures of your life, add a couple silly pictures then with a simple click your life is tranformed into a "post" for the world to see. ya, that's right the world! anyone can follow the happenings of your life (unless you're set as private...then only special people can). blogs bring people together to celebrate the simple joys and pains of life. and as you share your life, you teach and inspire others. i have been inspired by so many of you. whether it be your testimony, your crafty ideas, your example as a mother/wife, your tips on life or your optimism, i feel like a better person from sharing in your life. so thank you for inspiring me!

i hope that in some small way i can teach and inspire you.

sharin' the love

i LOVE when people comment on my blog. it seriously makes me feel so incredibly special. you could even call it a "blog world high". it's like being in my magical happy place. when i check my blog 5 bijillion times a day and find myself a lil treat (aka comment) waiting for me, sparks fly, emotions run high and i have that much more love for you ~ the commenter. thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who contributes to my "blog world high"! please, don't think i don't appreciate you with what i'm about to say. because i DO!!

i have a confession...because i love comments so much, i want MORE!! but i realize this is completely selfish and greedy considering i'm probably the worst commenter known to man. i think of things to say, but then get too lazy to open up your blog from my lil google reader and leave you an extra special note from yours truly. so in an effort to receive more love on my blog...i'm gonna start showin' you the love.

i, jacquie bedke, on the 23rd day of January 2009 commit myself to share my love (comments) to all the friends, family, and blogs that i love! i swear.

here's to a new me!

**in honor of this post and my new commitment, you will notice my comments now read "sharin' the love". ya, i'm pretty creative. don't mention it!**

Thursday, January 22, 2009

horton hears a who

i watched this movie in bed this morning. so cute!! i wanna watch it again...

have you seen it??

why i hate when hubby leaves...

i don't fall asleep until 4am.
i wake up at 12:30pm
i get cold at night.
i miss the sound of video games.
i hate cooking for 1.
so i don't eat properly.
i eat too much chocolate.
there's nobody to talk to.
and it's no fun talking to yourself.
can you say L-O-N-E-L-Y!!
i want to shop alot = spending too much money.
i stay in my room 80% of the time.
it's no fun watching movies by yourself.
it's just plain old boring.

in fact, it's real craptacular.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

i need to update.

sorry. i've been busy... sleeping in ;)

Monday, January 12, 2009

i'm addicted.

i have a new obsession...saving money! i was inspired by my friend Danae who i'm pretty sure is the couponing master. i decided to try it out and over the last couple of weeks i've been collecting coupons and hitting up the sales. it seriously is so satisfying to walk away with so much money saved and i'm doing a good job of stocking up on things we need. here's my recent successes:

Kmart: saved $23.86
Albertsons: saved $28.66
Walgreens: saved $39.62

Best deals this week:
**walgreens has buy 1, get 1 free cleaning supplies and if you use a manufacturer's coupon with that deal you can get stuff way cheap. (ex. scrubbing bubbles bath cleaner buy 1/get 1 @ $2.99. use coupon for 75 cents and it works out to $1.12 a bottle!)
**kmart has double coupon days. each coupon ($2 or less) is worth double the amount.

Where do I get coupons?
Sunday paper - it's only 50 cents and i saved way more than that today!
Walgreens weekly ad & EasySaver Catalog

how do you save money?
ps. don't forget about giveaway! click here to enter.

have you tried these?

They are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!
no joke.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


ryan + jacquie + new ogio bag = pure sillyness

we were testing to see if i'd fit for the next trip.
what? i almost fit...

when hubby returns...

we have a romantic rendezvous. prepared by yours truly, of course!

complete with a candlelit dinner and a backrub.

on the menu:

garden salad

chicken cordon bleu

twice baked potatoes

pan fried asparagus

sparkling cider

chocolate covered strawberries

i'll was delish!

i love you ry!!!

{it's about time i returned the spoiling rotten favor to the love of my life}

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

when hubby leaves...

siblings play.
until 4am.
in his bed.
ya, we're cool!

{note: these pictures were taken at 4am. please excuse my hideousness!}

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

i might be missing for the next few months...

my favorite shows.
new seasons.
all starting this month.

{the new 90210}

{i heart my DVR.}
is anyone else addicted to any of these?
~please...make me feel better~

Monday, January 5, 2009

For Sale

if you're in the rexburg area please come take these away...
beautiful heavy duty mirror. it's really pretty, it just doesn't fit in anywhere. $10 {SOLD}

beautiful painting. it would look beautiful in a kitchen or dining room. $15

matching dvd/cd stands. $10 for both. {SOLD}

candle warmer. never opened. $3 {SOLD}

family picture frame w/attached album. $5

electric kettle. used 3x. $5

manicure set w/battery operated buffer. never used. $5

revlon straightener. barely used. $5

call me at 208.431.8589 if you're interested in anything!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

a new giveaway for a new year!

I have a confession...I recently purchased the Odor Out Room Spray for myself and i'm obsessed! It has the perfect amount of fresh citrusy smell to quickly eliminate stinkyness (as in, it's perfect for the bathroom and other smelly areas) instead of layering smells. It's also great for a quick freshening of any room. AND one spray lasts for a couple hours (no joke!). This bottle is going to last me forever. It is seriously a dream come true!

I want to share the glory of the Odor Out Room Spray with a very lucky person! So here is how to enter...

1 entry ~ Leave a comment

2 entries ~ Write "add me" with your email address on your comment to be added to our monthly newsletter

2 entries ~ Post about this giveaway on your blog

5 entries ~ Place an order before Jan. 29th {contact me at or visit to order}

10 entries ~ Host a party before Jan. 29th

**also, don't forget about the amazing hostess special this month! click here for details.**

Giveaway ends Jan. 29th @ midnight. Good luck!

Happy New Year!

we kicked off new years eve with a lil detour to the hoover dam on our way to vegas. holy cow that thing is so impressive. it's HUGE!
don't worry, i do realize my bro decided he wanted to look like my boyfriend in this pic!

ry and i hanging out on the dam

vano and i standing in 2 places at once! (nevada and arizona)

then we headed out to the vegas strip. wow! what a place to be on new years eve. seriously the title sin city soars to new heights on new years eve. it's out of control but we had SO much fun nonetheless. there were so many people there you seriously had to shimmy your way through crowds just to get anywhere.
vano and i posing in the bellagio conservatory (and yes that is water going over our heads MOM) :)

we saw robbie maddison jump (with his motocross bike) on top of the arc at paris las vegas and then back off of it. the crowds were ridiculous but it was so worth the 1.5 hr wait to watch it. did you see us on espn?? seriously though, go look it up on you tube...there are tons of videos.

right after the big "WOOHOO happy new year" you can tell, ry is overly excited about it

new years day we went back to brave the crowds on the strip. we checked out some more of the hotels (the architecture is so awesome), hung out in the m&m store, and tried to have fun in the ridiculously hot circus circus arcade.

me and red. we're pretty tight!

getting ready for I Lost My M in Vegas

is it bad that i kinda wanna go back?

my newly developed obsession...

oh-so-delicious frozen yogurt with a bijillion yummy topping options. i'm not's AMAZING!

the only problem...there are only stores in california and new york. sad day!

christmas vacation

warning: if you don't have 10 minutes to spare, i suggest you don't attempt to read this's a lil bit of an overload :)

my parents spoiled us this year for christmas with a family trip to california and las vegas. we had a blast and i was completely dreading coming back to the snow!

Day 1
we headed down to hollywood to do a lil star searching. the best we found were these stars...

yes, that star says...CHUCK NORRIS (ryan's hero)

academy son-in-law and best-mother-in-law. sillyness!

after hollywood blvd we headed down to venice beach. wow...what a crazy place. it is seriously a world of its own. there are tons of street performers and hippies. it's impossible to even describe the place it's so out of control. but we loved it. we dipped our toes in the freezing cold water and then took a stroll down the beach...

...all the way to the santa monica pier. ya, i'm positive we walked about 500 miles from venice beach to santa monica and back to the car in venice beach. i'm pretty sure we were all about to die!

Day 2

we wanted to check out huntington beach (aka. surf city, usa). it was absolutely gorgeous! we had a blast watching all of the people attempting to surf. and we even saw a few dolphins! it was way cool.

the view from off the pier

after a lil toe test of the water, we decided to brave the ice cold water ourselves. we rented some oh-so-uncomfortable wet suits and boogie boards and it was so dang fun! i was so glad we decided to go. please excuse our unattractiveness in the wetsuits...i do realize they're not so cute!

my wet suit beauty shot. HAHAHA

after our day at the beach, we headed out for dinner to celebrate our ANNIVERSARY! i can't believe we've been married for 2 years. boy, time sure flies when you're having fun. these last 2 years have been absolutely amazing and my wonderful husband makes everyday even better than the last. i'm so glad he's mine FOREVER!

Day 3

we wanted to go to Disneyland, but we heard it was a lil out of control and we didn't wanna spend some major $$$ to stand in lines all day so the next best thing...the san diego zoo! i'm pretty sure every vacation i go on with my fam we end up at a zoo. we just love animals, ok! the san diego zoo is ginormous. but it was super fun and we saw tons of silly animal...

we celebrated our last night in cali with a visit to the san diego harbor for some good ol' joe's crab shack. ry sure loved it...