Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

we kicked off new years eve with a lil detour to the hoover dam on our way to vegas. holy cow that thing is so impressive. it's HUGE!
don't worry, i do realize my bro decided he wanted to look like my boyfriend in this pic!

ry and i hanging out on the dam

vano and i standing in 2 places at once! (nevada and arizona)

then we headed out to the vegas strip. wow! what a place to be on new years eve. seriously the title sin city soars to new heights on new years eve. it's out of control but we had SO much fun nonetheless. there were so many people there you seriously had to shimmy your way through crowds just to get anywhere.
vano and i posing in the bellagio conservatory (and yes that is water going over our heads MOM) :)

we saw robbie maddison jump (with his motocross bike) on top of the arc at paris las vegas and then back off of it. the crowds were ridiculous but it was so worth the 1.5 hr wait to watch it. did you see us on espn?? seriously though, go look it up on you tube...there are tons of videos.

right after the big "WOOHOO happy new year" you can tell, ry is overly excited about it

new years day we went back to brave the crowds on the strip. we checked out some more of the hotels (the architecture is so awesome), hung out in the m&m store, and tried to have fun in the ridiculously hot circus circus arcade.

me and red. we're pretty tight!

getting ready for I Lost My M in Vegas

is it bad that i kinda wanna go back?

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Poulsen Family said...

The last two years we have watched Robbie Madison on New Years Eve. I wondered if you guys were there watching. Talk about intense just watching it on TV, a whole other thing seeing it in real life I'm sure!