Saturday, January 3, 2009

christmas vacation

warning: if you don't have 10 minutes to spare, i suggest you don't attempt to read this's a lil bit of an overload :)

my parents spoiled us this year for christmas with a family trip to california and las vegas. we had a blast and i was completely dreading coming back to the snow!

Day 1
we headed down to hollywood to do a lil star searching. the best we found were these stars...

yes, that star says...CHUCK NORRIS (ryan's hero)

academy son-in-law and best-mother-in-law. sillyness!

after hollywood blvd we headed down to venice beach. wow...what a crazy place. it is seriously a world of its own. there are tons of street performers and hippies. it's impossible to even describe the place it's so out of control. but we loved it. we dipped our toes in the freezing cold water and then took a stroll down the beach...

...all the way to the santa monica pier. ya, i'm positive we walked about 500 miles from venice beach to santa monica and back to the car in venice beach. i'm pretty sure we were all about to die!

Day 2

we wanted to check out huntington beach (aka. surf city, usa). it was absolutely gorgeous! we had a blast watching all of the people attempting to surf. and we even saw a few dolphins! it was way cool.

the view from off the pier

after a lil toe test of the water, we decided to brave the ice cold water ourselves. we rented some oh-so-uncomfortable wet suits and boogie boards and it was so dang fun! i was so glad we decided to go. please excuse our unattractiveness in the wetsuits...i do realize they're not so cute!

my wet suit beauty shot. HAHAHA

after our day at the beach, we headed out for dinner to celebrate our ANNIVERSARY! i can't believe we've been married for 2 years. boy, time sure flies when you're having fun. these last 2 years have been absolutely amazing and my wonderful husband makes everyday even better than the last. i'm so glad he's mine FOREVER!

Day 3

we wanted to go to Disneyland, but we heard it was a lil out of control and we didn't wanna spend some major $$$ to stand in lines all day so the next best thing...the san diego zoo! i'm pretty sure every vacation i go on with my fam we end up at a zoo. we just love animals, ok! the san diego zoo is ginormous. but it was super fun and we saw tons of silly animal...

we celebrated our last night in cali with a visit to the san diego harbor for some good ol' joe's crab shack. ry sure loved it...


Thayne & MaryAnne Garner said...

Oh how fun! You all looked like you enjoyed yourselves, What a fun memory. Good pictures too.

Poulsen Family said...

Makes me want to go back to Cali! So much to do there- but I don't think I've EVER or will ever go in the ocean during the winter . . .CRAZY cold!

Eric and Hilary said...

i actually thought you looked really cute in your wet suit! your zoo pics were hilarious-zoo pics are always hilarious especially the one where you are making that face behind the mask. loved it. it cracked me up!