Monday, January 5, 2009

For Sale

if you're in the rexburg area please come take these away...
beautiful heavy duty mirror. it's really pretty, it just doesn't fit in anywhere. $10 {SOLD}

beautiful painting. it would look beautiful in a kitchen or dining room. $15

matching dvd/cd stands. $10 for both. {SOLD}

candle warmer. never opened. $3 {SOLD}

family picture frame w/attached album. $5

electric kettle. used 3x. $5

manicure set w/battery operated buffer. never used. $5

revlon straightener. barely used. $5

call me at 208.431.8589 if you're interested in anything!


Darcy and Adam said...

Hey... I think I want your mirror. Just a couple of questions... how big is it? And what color is the frame? I'm pretty sure I want it... You can e-mail me ( Thanks :) Oh, and I'm thinking about hosting a party sometime in the future... Things are crazy right now, but yeah... :)

Alisha Balukoff said...

I want your dvd holder things. I'm alisha balukoff by the way, from the 75th ward. anyways, if no one else has dibs on them, I would love them. Let me know when would be a good time to come get them if they aren't claimed yet.