Friday, January 23, 2009

the beauty of blogging

{i hope you didn't take offense to that last post. i just reread it and thought that maybe it could have been taken the wrong way. it was all in a lighthearted attitude...promise! even if you don't comment, I LOVE YOU! i love that you care enough about us to see what's happening in our lives or what crazy, random thing i've posted about next.}

now onto the subject at hand...

i've been thinking...thinking alot. this is the core of my thoughts:
1. why do i blog? i decided there were 4 main purposes to my blogging. 1. to keep family/friends updated on our lives 2. to keep a journal of our lil family for personal records 3. to share my recent discoveries (like coupons, movies or yummy candy) in hopes that someone might find them useful 4. to share my thoughts/feelings [blogging is really a great outlet for me in times of happiness and crappiness]
why do you blog?
2. blogging is amazing!! think about it with me for a get on the internet (also amazing) and type out the adventures of your life, add a couple silly pictures then with a simple click your life is tranformed into a "post" for the world to see. ya, that's right the world! anyone can follow the happenings of your life (unless you're set as private...then only special people can). blogs bring people together to celebrate the simple joys and pains of life. and as you share your life, you teach and inspire others. i have been inspired by so many of you. whether it be your testimony, your crafty ideas, your example as a mother/wife, your tips on life or your optimism, i feel like a better person from sharing in your life. so thank you for inspiring me!

i hope that in some small way i can teach and inspire you.


The Musson Family said...

I love it when you blog too Jacquie. It lets me know what is happening with both you and Ryan. You are always so full of ideas, recipes and insight that I look forward to reading what you have wrote. So keep it up girl. I love it.

mary said...

I so agree with you!! :) I love reading other peoples blogs, and there's been MANY times that I've read a blog and thought "Oh I should do that". Hey, if I hadn't read your blog, I wouldn't have gotten the aweesome scentsy stuff, or bought those yummy M&M's, or been able to read your testimony from time to time that has been wonderful to read - so thank you :)