Tuesday, December 16, 2008

exciting scentsy news!!

we just got word from Scentsy that for the month of January anyone who hosts a party will receive DOUBLE the hostess rewards. how awesome is that?

this means...if your party reaches $150+ you get 2 half price items. if it reaches $250+ you get 4 half price items. $400+ is 6 half price items and $1000+ is 8 half price items. this is an amazing offer!! and on top of all the half price items, you get 10% of your total sales in free product!!!

{half price items include all "combine & save" packages except for perfect scentsy, scentsy sampler, and double the scentsy}

i'm currently booking for january, so if you want to get in on this amazing offer let me know! {they really don't do this very often} january is a great month to get your friends together and spend some of that christmas money you got!! also, if you live far away you can do a catalog/basket party (it's so easy~call/email me for details).

check out the new scentsy blog: safecandlesbyscentsy.blogspot.com


Eric and Hilary said...

whats this catalog/basket party?

Ryan and Jacquie said...

basically i send you some order forms, catalogs, and mini testers and you can invite a bunch of your friends over and have a party of your own. OR you can just take the lil testers and stuff with you wherever you go (friends, family, work, etc.) and try to get orders. OR you can do a mixture of both. you'd have a week to get as many orders as you can so you can get lots of free and discounted product!