Monday, January 12, 2009

i'm addicted.

i have a new obsession...saving money! i was inspired by my friend Danae who i'm pretty sure is the couponing master. i decided to try it out and over the last couple of weeks i've been collecting coupons and hitting up the sales. it seriously is so satisfying to walk away with so much money saved and i'm doing a good job of stocking up on things we need. here's my recent successes:

Kmart: saved $23.86
Albertsons: saved $28.66
Walgreens: saved $39.62

Best deals this week:
**walgreens has buy 1, get 1 free cleaning supplies and if you use a manufacturer's coupon with that deal you can get stuff way cheap. (ex. scrubbing bubbles bath cleaner buy 1/get 1 @ $2.99. use coupon for 75 cents and it works out to $1.12 a bottle!)
**kmart has double coupon days. each coupon ($2 or less) is worth double the amount.

Where do I get coupons?
Sunday paper - it's only 50 cents and i saved way more than that today!
Walgreens weekly ad & EasySaver Catalog

how do you save money?
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dnA said...

Didn't I warn you? At least you can admit you are addicted, that's the first step. Then you try to get everyone else addicted- check! You've done that now. Next thing you know, you're dreaming about 7-11 turning into a CVS and how your husband is trying to get you out of the store after an hour and you can't find the floss- and luckily, it was just a dream.
Here's to good deals!!

Hilary said...

We are having a coupon night thing next week with our R.S. I'm hoping to go, because I need to pinch my pennies right now!

Maybe I'll become addicted too and we can trade tips :)