Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dear Dad...

{note to readers: my parents are supposed to come down here for christmas this year. unfortunately, due to some events...they might be changing their mind. they're flip flopping back and forth (well mostly my sweet father). so if you wanna throw in your 2 cents worth in the comments to help me convince them to come PLEASE do!!! i can use all the help!}

i know things are a little stressful right now and kinda hectic. i completely understand. but if it's worth anything i just want you to know how badly we want you to come for christmas this year. let's be honest, we haven't had christmas together since 2006!! how tragic is that?? and i know it's really my turn to come home but considering the circumstances and my inability to leave this blessed country it would mean the world to me if you would bring your lil booty down here. think of all the fun we'll have?? :) ry keeps asking me whether you guys are coming or not. i was teasing him because he was so curious but he admitted to me that he was pretty excited for you guys to come. don't get me wrong, we completely understand the situation and if you can't make it, it's really ok. no pressure (wink, wink). however, you will be thoroughly missed. but just know...your presence has been strongly requested :)

oh and ps. who the heck is gonna look at my "maybe crashed" backup drive and figure out what the crap is going on???? i need you!!!!

oh and pss. can call of duty world of war convince you??? lol
we love you guys and miss you!!!!!! xoxoxoxo


Kimberly said...

Jacquie...I know the feeling...My mom finally has 5 out of 6 kids within 2 1/2 hours of her and she is leaving for Christmas with My Dad to head to Utah to spend it with the one. I keep trying to convince her to stay, but I haven't had much luck.

Brother Musson, Even when things are hectic and crazy, sometimes we need a break. If Vanessa and Jacquie are in Idaho and there only one kid at home, I think it would be a lot better to go to the two. (well if you count Ryan 3). It is too hard sometimes for college students, newly married couples, etc afford to get their family gifts let alone a plane ticket home. The decision is totally up to you and Sister Musson, but if it were up to me, I'd be buying myself a little ticket and heading to the lovely town of Rexburg for Christmas!

Makamae said...

Jacquie, I hope your dad comes because every moment with family is precious. This is probably my last year with my own family for Christmas for a long time. Next year we'll be in TX for pilot training... and I don't know if we'll have the time or means to travel.

It saddens me to know that I don't know when my next Christmas is.

My last Christmas with my mom was in 2004. We didn't know it was her last Christmas..........

that being said, Brother Musson, I hope you take the chance to embrace the real meaning of Christmas, spend it with your pleading daughter. The holidays are about giving thanks to Jesus Christ & the atoning sacrifice He gave to all of us. We can do this by showing others that we love them, *especially* our own family. We are truly instruments in His hands... and He loves it when we show each other that we love each other (Matt 25:40).

(How was that Jacquie? :) Hope your fam decides to come down.

Makamae said...

sorry, I meant I don't know *where* my next Christmas will be.

The Musson Family said...

Okay everyone we have to straigthen something out. It isn't just dad that had to make the decision, it was me too. The only difference was that he had the final say. And guess what? We are going. We will be spending Christmas with everyone (including Josh, Jacquie's wonderful in-laws, Vanessa, Jacquie and Ryan). Then we head out of the snow (at least we hope that is the case) to sunny california and nevada for some r&r with the children. I'm so excited. So everyone, don't be so hard on Gary. We both had to make the decision together and we decided to go for it. So give him lots of loving.