Monday, April 23, 2012

still going strong and a wedding

Only 4 more days until my due date and we’re still going strong. Our little guy must be rather cozy in there. But it’s okay with me. I’ve been feeling great and thoroughly enjoying my big round belly!

About a week and a half ago, we went to Salt Lake for Ryan’s brother’s wedding. It was a beautiful day and we were so glad to be a part of it. We are very happy for Blake and his new bride, Sherie. Here are a few pictures from the day {mostly of Harper, of course}:

Looking at the temple with daddy.



Checking out the fountain with daddy.IMG_0624


Harper ran right up to Aunt Sherie and Uncle Blake and then when they put her down she just stood there clapping and smiling and soaking in all of the attention from everyone standing around looking at Blake & Sherie…pretty sure she thought all of the attention was for her. Silly girl!



Sitting on the temple steps with Uncle Curtis.IMG_0667IMG_0671


Taking a walk with Grandma.



And a couple squinty family pictures…



Harper kept wanting to jump off the ledge she was standing on which resulted in this silly picture of her just uncomfortably “hanging” there…haha


Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012 Edition

I’m still here! No baby yet. Woot Woot!


I just took a gander over to this post and holy moly!! Harper has changed so much since last Easter.

We had a wonderful Easter weekend with lots of family and food, as usual.

Friday night my sis and bro-in-law came to visit us. We were very excited because we haven’t seen them since before Christmas. Who knew it would be so hard to get together when you live only 2.5 hours away?!?

Saturday afternoon we headed over to Grandma Bedke’s for the big Saturday Easter celebrations.

Harper was very excited to see her cousin Jaden and ran over to see him {and help him eat his lunch} as soon as we got there.IMG_0540


Vanessa and Joe helped me decorate eggs. Harper wasn’t all that interested this year. {yes….terrible lighting. although they do look like angels :)}



And while we were decorating eggs, Harper and Jaden were getting in a few hugs…



Aunt Addie helped Harper get all decked out for Easter. Very cute!IMG_0550


Aunt Vanessa and Uncle Joe headed back to Rexburg just before the extreme egg hunt. We didn’t want them to leave, but they insisted that they couldn’t just stay and play with us all week. We think their priorities are a lil mixed up! :)



And then the egg hunt began. Harper LOVED running around picking up eggs and putting them in her basket. She knew exactly what to do. It was so fun watching her get all excited. 




Showing off the loot in her basket. These aren’t even half of the pictures. It was hard to choose because they were all so cute. She kept making the silliest facial expressions. Harper scored just over $12 and tons of yummy candy to share with mommy and daddy! Thank you Great Grandma Bedke!



On Easter morning, Harper woke up {or more accurately stated…was woken up by daddy} to a couple gifts from the Easter Bunny. He brought her a pail and shovel {to collect her rocks in…of course} and some sidewalk chalk. Daddy took her outside for a minute to shovel up some rocks in her pail and she thought it was great. She spent the rest of the morning walking around the house with her pail.



This was the best picture I could get of Harper in her Easter dress. She was refusing to sit/stand still and look at the camera. I just love her dress. {THANK YOU KRISTEN!!!!}



And this is what happened when we forced her to sit still and look at the camera. Our poor child! These pictures are priceless...probably some of my favorites, in fact.April1


After church, we went over to Ryan’s parent’s house. While we were preparing dinner, Harper, Daddy, Jaden, Uncle Jesse and Aunt Brooke played outside with Harper’s new chalk. {And Harper may or may not be trying to push Jaden over in the far left picture…poor Jaden!}


And then we devoured a delicious meal of ham, twice baked potatoes, veggies, salad, deviled eggs and rolls {YUMMY!}, in which Harper was practically falling asleep while chewing her food due to the lack of naps. It was pretty hilarious! I wish I would have grabbed my camera…but I couldn’t leave my plate of food {I’m pregnant, remember!}.


{yes…I’m hilarious}

my busy crazy girl


Thursday, April 5, 2012

stay right there

Harper was born at 36 weeks and 5 days as seen here.

This picture was taken at 36 weeks and 4 days.


{I’ve decided that every picture is getting more and more whale like. I really don’t see this when I look in the mirror…I’m pretty confident that the camera adds at least 50 lbs!}

Today is 36 weeks and 6 days.

As uncomfortable as I’m getting and as excited as I am to meet this little guy…I’m totally holding out for a few more weeks. It just seems like the right thing to do.

And I still have some freezer meals to make…

And some cleaning to do…

And some Harper time to have…

And I need some major sleep before I go sleepless for a couple of months…

And there are 2 Bedke weddings this month…

Ya, I’m pretty sure he’s just gonna have to hang in there for a while longer.

Thanks my nameless lil man {I know you’re gonna listen to your mommy}. I love you!

Harper’s tricks

Here’s a video of just a few of the tricks Harper can do. It totally shows her personality and cracks me up. Enjoy!

we heart uncle josho

This past weekend, uncle josh came to visit with his fiancée, lacey. Harper loved having them around and getting spoiled with attention. Come back!!

This is the one picture I got all weekend (sorry mom! at least I got one…):


pink toes


I’ve been wanting to paint Harper’s toes for awhile but could never figure out how to do it without her grabbing them while they’re drying. Then it dawned on me – the highchair! So in between her lunch bites, we painted her cute little toes. I let her pick the color. Of course, she picked pink…

She thinks their pretty awesome!