Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

we've been doing a lil traveling the last couple days for ry's job...hence the lack of posting. i figured since i had a couple minutes and i highly doubt that i'll be jumping on to blog tomorrow (turkey wipes me right out), i'd wish you all a happy thanksgiving while i could. so...

i hope you all stuff your faces with really good food, have fun visiting with family, and get some rest because i know i will! in celebration of thanksgiving, i now present to you my very limited list of things i am grateful for this thanksgiving:
1. cereal
2. sunshine
3. great friends that let us crash at their house :)
4. the best family in the world
5. cars (you really think i wanna walk from utah to idaho??)
6. tai pan and ikea
7. prayer and priesthood blessings
8. really really good food
9. a super-fabulous husband (even when he doesn't shave)
10. scentsy (sorry but i really love it!)
11. mac makeup
12. cute shoes
13. the Gospel
14. people who reach out when they know you're struggling
15. showers and toilets (oh so very important)
16. my toothbrush
17. blogging
18. babies
19. razors (seriously, what would we do without?)
20. pedicures
21. love
22. music (right now i'm especially grateful for the HSM3
23. a healthy me
24. nature
25. scriptures
ok, i really could go on but i'm pretty sure nobody is reading it by this point!
well, i'm signing out for a couple days. in the meantime, think of the many things that you're grateful for...and eat lots of turkey!


The Musson Family said...

Oh Jacquie I love this post! You have so much you are thankful for. I want you to know that I'm thankful for 3 wonderful children and my favorite son-in-law who all are great examples to me during adversity. And who are patient with me when I call them all the time. And I'm also thankful for a husband who is so patience, kind and loving with me.

The Musson Family said...

Oh and I forgot, have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We love you both very much.