Friday, November 21, 2008

hurry, hurry, hurry

you have less than 12 hours Boldto enter the plug-in giveaway. so, if you haven't yet...DO IT NOW. think of it this way...if i draw your name, you definitely won't regret taking 0.5 seconds to enter :)

so click here.

also, i'm going to put in an order this monday (nov. 24th). if you want to get in on it, just leave a comment or email or call. this is the perfect time to get some of that christmas shopping done. it's really a no brainer. check out the fall/winter catalog or call me for some great ideas. room sprays and car candles are also perfect stocking stuffers.

my favorite christmas gifts:

PERFECT SCENTSY - 2 warmers and 6 scents for...$75 ($15 savings). that means you can give away a warmer and 3 scents and keep a set for yourself (if you're like me!)...or you could give both away.

PLUG-IN PACKAGE - 1 plug in and 2 scents for...$22 ($3 savings)

1 comment:

Kimberly said...

sugar cookie is the best ive decided