Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Important Scentsy News!

there is less than 2 weeks left for the 10% off sale. get your orders in NOW! stock up on the scents you love. purchase your favorite discountinued scents. try Scentsy for the first time! i will be placing 2 more orders this month at the 10% off, so contact me to get in on the action:

Feb. 20th @ 4pm
Feb 28th @ 4pm

also, i want to book 1 more party for next for this last time I am offering a free plug-in to whoever books a party for next tues (feb 24th) or sat (feb 28th). it's super easy and doesn't take much planning, so if your schedule is free...let's get together and have some fun! i want you to help you get Scentsy for free!

and just so you know, these are the discontinued warmers and scents:

Cherry Clove Chutney
Christmas Tree
Clementine Tea
Clove & Pepper
Coffee Tree
Cozy Fireside
Creamy Nutmeg
Fried Ice Cream
Grove & Clove
Mulberry Apple Masala
Orchid Saki
Peach Cobbler Cinnamon
Pear Crumble
Redwood Cedar
True Vanilla
White Pepper Clove
Winter Wonderland

i'm not kidding...this is the best time to order!!!

oh and the new warmers and scents for the Spring/Summer catalog...AMAZING!

i love you all.

ps. vegas action coming soon!!!

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