Thursday, September 17, 2009

End of Summer Escapades

I bought a seasons pass to Six Flags because it was literally 5 miles down the street but this was the only time I used it…IMG_0566

My Grandpa and Grandma Musson came to visit in between here but I don’t have the digital pictures. It was so fun to have them with us for a week and to show them around DC. Thanks for spending time with us and spoiling us. We love you!

I took Dani to the Holocaust Museum. I love it because it leaves such an impact on you when you leave.IMG_0569


We went for a stroll to the Jefferson Memorial after the Holocaust Museum and discovered these paddleboats. It was $10 for an hour and you can paddle the Potomac River. SO FUN!IMG_0573


The Library of Congress was gorgeous. I wanted to go back because we only made a quick stop but I never got a chance to. IMG_0586


Checking out Union Station. It’s a really cool building and had tons of yummy places to eat…but I didn’t!IMG_0594


The National Cathedral was absolutely beautiful and ginormous. IMG_0626

I discovered this by the metro station on the way to the National Cathedral. Remember this? Ya, it’s just like it and I was in HEAVEN!



To be continued…


The Musson Family said...

What beautiful pictures you have Jacquie. And they show how much fun you had all summer. Thanks for updating your blog and sharing with us.

Poulsen Family said...

A season pass and you only used it once?! I hope you got a good deal on it.

hdawgy said...

Wow you have quite the update on your blog! haha I love all the adventures you took while in DC and I am jealous! That's awesome you got to go home to see your fam! Fun pics!