Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Homebound – The Final Chapter

I took my last trip to Canada this summer (yes I’m still posting about summer adventures!! lol) in August. I flew home for a Hartford family reunion - my mom’s fam. Unfortunately we couldn’t make it work for Ry to come so I ventured off alone. It was so fun to reunite with my Aunt Diane & Uncle Doug & my cousin Makayla. I lived with them for a half year up in the Northwest Territories back in 2003 and I’ve only seen them a couple times since. And of course it’s always the best hanging out with my fam. Here’s some silly pics from the trip…

IMG_5532IMG_5548  IMG_5574IMG_5597 IMG_5672IMG_5683IMG_5631IMG_5650   IMG_5642 

Top Left: Makayla & I enjoying the trampoline in my parent’s backyard

Top Center: Mom, Me & Vano in the back seat on the way to the reunion

Top Right: Vano, Josh, & I decided to join the 3 legged race as a 4 legged team. It didn’t work out so well…

Middle Left: Vano & I hanging out with Aunt Di

Middle Center: Getting a lil aunt & uncle lovin’

Middle Right: Family pic @ the church

Bottom Left: My mom’s entire family {parents&siblings}

Bottom Center & Right: My mom and her siblings being very silly!

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Poulsen Family said...

Glad I'm caught up on your life now :)