Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Ranchin’ Life

Harper and I went to work with Ryan one afternoon. Unfortunately, Harper slept the ENTIRE time, so she didn’t get to enjoy the cows and horses quite as much as I did. I don’t even think we were out of the driveway before she was sound asleep. I took some pictures to show you how the whole “feeding the cattle” thing works.

Ryan loading hay on the pickup. He had it stacked 5 bails high by the time he was finished.



My sexy cowboy working hard in the cold!



After loading the pickup, we drove over to the field with the bulls. Ryan put the truck in low gear and jumped on the back of the truck. I, however, stayed in the truck and kept warm! To feed, he cut the twine off the hay bales and then threw the bales off the truck to the bulls. This is the picture I got from the warm truck of the bulls eating the trail of hay Ry was leaving them.


{In case you’re curious, an entire days work consists of loading 270 60lb+ bales of hay and feeding 4 fields of horses and cattle.}

This is what Harper and I did the entire time – she slept and I took pictures (and drove the truck a little).



I took these pictures from the stack yard while Ry was loading the truck. Isn’t it so pretty??Winter

Are you jealous yet?!?


Sandy -- As Told By Mommy said...

I thought you guys were going to live at the ranch. Do you live in town then and go up? And yes, OF COURSE, I am jealous! Haha!

Jacquie loves Ryan said...

Ya we live there. By the phrase "went to work with Ryan one afternoon", I meant that we left the warm ranch house and jumped in the pickup with him to feed. We are up there from Tuesday morning until Sunday afternoon and then in town just sunday and monday.

Kristen said...

It was "unfortunate" that she fell asleep? =o) I forgot how it is to have one child and want her to be awake to play! You're such a good mom and I'm happy you're enjoying the life.

ps - Thanks for the card. =o)

maryAnne said...

It is pretty there!! But not as pretty as that little Harper:) In the picture of her sleeping in the truck I can see a lot of you in her:) Ryan is going to be in great shape 270 60lbs bales, oh my gosh!!