Monday, February 28, 2011

Holy Mice!

We have a mice problem at the ranch house. we’ve known it since we’ve moved in when we found little mouse droppings EVERYWHERE. I promptly cleaned the entire house and set some traps. For weeks we had NO evidence of them. I would look everyday to see if there was poop, but there was nothing. I was about convinced we had gotten rid of the problem… until we were sitting in the dark one night when the power went out. All of the sudden we heard a little mouse scurrying and squeaking in the kitchen. I ran over with the flashlight to hunt it down, but could not find it anywhere. We promptly declared war! I put d’con and traps EVERYWHERE!!!

When I returned from Canada, Ry told me he had been hearing mice quite regularly in the wall {it sounded like an army of mice!}, but one of the d’con trays was half empty. I was thinking “score! they’ve eaten it and those little rascals are all going to die. take that!”. but I quickly discovered that the half empty tray of d’con had been moved to our dirty clothes hamper and was buried within our clothes. That’s right…the dirty little mice carried all of that d’con into our laundry basket upstairs and left a little fur as well.



Heather said...

oh, NASTY!
We had mice in our apartment and it was so disturbing :/ I hope you get rid of them sooN!

Joe said...

that is disgusting!!! mice are the nastiest ever!!!

Poulsen Family said...

Oh my GAG!

One of the joys of living on a ranch.

Eric and Hilary said...

i just threw up a little bit in my mouth

Kristen said...

Ew. I'm so sorry. It sounds like you need a cat. I know, I don't especially like them either, but we have one for mousing and she is awesome. Maybe you can just have it come in the house for a couple hours a day. Ours stays outside (we don't get mice in the house) and I see her eat several mice a day out there! She brings them to the back step to eat them, where the kids can watch. GROSS. But with a baby in the house, a cat might be worth it. I'm so sorry! Good luck!

(You won't want poison around when Harper gets more mobile.)