Sunday, March 13, 2011

Go Josho!


We went up to Rexburg at the beginning of the month to sell one of our houses. While we there, Josho {aka my brother}had a championship floor hockey game. We decided to go cheer him on. Harper was very content just watching everything going on around her {even though it was very past her bedtime}.

And Josho’s team won. The score was 13-18 {or something like that}.

ps – has anyone been to BYU-I since they completed all of the construction??? Holy Moly! I’m so jealous of all the new facilities. They are AWESOME!


Poulsen Family said...

So happy you sold one of your places! Isn't it crazy how fast Rexburg changes? Every time we go there something is different.

The Musson Family said...

I love these pictures. Thanks for sharing them. It's fun to see you guys all together having fun.