Monday, April 18, 2011

family history…I am doing it

When my grandma passed away a couple of months ago, I was able to look through some of her journal/keepsakes while I was home for the funeral. I learned SO much that I never knew about her and her parents. In fact, I realized I knew absolutely nothing about my grandparents and great grandparents. I was always a little embarrassed when Ryan would know a ton about his family and I could list the names of my grandparents, aunts/uncles and cousins and that’s about all I knew.

So…I took matters into my own hands.

Each week on Sunday or Monday, I email my parents and grandparents (as well as Ryan’s grandparents) a question or two about their family, past, etc. They email back when they have a minute during the week with their response. It is so fun to read about their lives - chores they had when growing up, what they used before electricity, about their parents and grandparents, etc. I can not tell you how much stinkin’ fun it is to read their answers and learn more about them. They always have the coolest stories and things to share. My ultimate goal is to compile all of their answers into a personal history document for each of them.

It’s such a simple and extremely fun way to do a little family history!

You should probably try it. It’s pretty much life changing.


The Wildes said...

then after you should share that personal history document with me :) thanks in advance haha

Kristen said...

Great idea!

I gave a special book to each of Ben's parents and grandparents, that asked them questions about when they grew up. His grandpa filled it out and mailed it back within a week - it's a treasure! Two of them returned it to me and said they aren't comfortable with the questions. Oops. Two of them I haven't heard from about it. Oh well, I tried haha. My family is a lot easier to contact. =o)