Monday, April 18, 2011

We Heart Visitors.

Last weekend our friends Thayne and MaryAnne came to visit with their 2 kiddos {no…they didn’t come all the way out to the ranch. we met up at my in-law’s place in “civilization”. the ranch roads aren’t the friendliest this time of year). It was SO fun to visit with them for a couple hours and catch up on life.



And Harper made a cute new friend:


I’m not gonna lie, it stinks that all of you {our friends and family…and blog stalkers} live so far away. Do you all just want to move here? I can give you lots of reasons why it’s a great idea, if us being here isn’t convincing enough!

So here’s my plea:

COME VISIT US! We LOVE LOVE LOVE visitors. And we’d love to show you around.

Or better yet, why not just move in next door. We’ll share our beef and garden with you (when we have one, of course)…

Any takers?



J and Christy Brown family said...

That look so fun. Honestly I am pretty happy we don't need to go out for this summer.

Kristen said...

I already live next door. ;o)

And YES, everybody else, it really is THAT awesome!

Lindsey said...

When do the roads to the ranch get manageable...for a Honda Accord?

Poulsen Family said...

Hopefully I can be your next visitor or at least meet up with you somewhere.

The Musson Family said...

I would love to come and visit soon. Not sure when it will be though. I can't believe how big their boys are getting.

maryAnne said...

You are so sweet to post that!! It was really great to see you guys and your sweet Harper. I really hope you will come to Logan for the weekend or something?! Oh and tell Ryan that our meet is awesome!! I am going to take a picture of our freezer and send it to you. Way to go Harper on sitting up, she is soooo big!