Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the {lil} family getaway 2011

we took a mini family getaway up to Boise to visit our friends, the Stokes, and watch Ryan’s sister run in state track. it was a much needed lil getaway and we had a ton of fun!

Harper had so much fun with Kerrigan and Tucker. it’s so adorable how much she lights up when she’s around other kiddos. she’s always so smitten by little people. i thought this video was super cute:

we loved visiting with Jared and Lindsey, bbqing, staying up late chatting and watching movies, and all that fun friend kinda stuff that we so deeply miss. in fact, we were enjoying it so much we stayed an extra night! thanks guys!

we had some great weather at state track. Addie did awesome and walked away with 3rd in 100m hurdles, 4th in 4x100 relay and 8th in 300m hurdles. we are so proud of her!



Kerrigan, Tucker and Ryan in between races. check out that blue turf!



Harper had fun sitting with grandma and grandpa. she never lacks attention with so much family around!


let’s do it again next year, ok addie?!?


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Lindsey said...

When I started the video, Kerrigan came charging up to the computer and starts laughing and saying, "It's Kerrigan and cutie baby Hawpew!" Pretty sure we watched it at least 10 times! I think someone misses Harper- I know I do : )