Saturday, July 2, 2011

bronc ridin’

Ryan has been working with a colt {Duke} whenever he gets a chance {which wasn’t very much until recently} over the last couple of months. This is Ry with Duke:


When Ry first started with Duke he wouldn’t even let Ry up to him. Now he pretty much comes up to Ry and cuddles him - nibbling on his shirt and putting his face right up to Ryan’s. It’s pretty darn cute! It’s been really fun to watch the process. Last week, Ryan rode Duke for the very first time. It took a couple hours before he actually was on him. Ry had to do a lot of hopping and standing in the stirrups and putting his weight on him so that Duke would get used to it and not throw a complete fit when Ry jumped on. This is a video to give you an idea of what I mean:

This is the first time Ry got on him {MUST WATCH}:

It’s just so intense and fun to watch. You never know how the horse is going to react. But, I will admit, as fun as it was, I was still a lil nervous for my husband’s life!

Shortly after this, Ry got on again and Duke got a lil spooked and bucked through the fence. It was SO CRAZY! I wish I had video of it. Luckily and thankfully, Ryan wasn’t too hurt. Just some scratches and bruises.


Ry is going to start working on a new colt here shortly. Her name is Dixie {I named her!}. So basically if you want some good wholesome entertainment, you should come visit!


The Musson Family said...

Wow those videos are intense! I was so scared for Ryan. And boy did Duke take that fence out. And I can't believe he didn't hurt himself or Ryan. Thanks for sharing these. I can't wait to see Dixie in action. :)

Poulsen Family said...

Fun to read all your posts and get caught up. I have tried to text and call you in the last few weeks but no response. Do you still have the same number?
As you saw, we are in Kansas. I'm hoping to get a few ideas of fun things we should do while here. Hopefully I can hear from you soon!

PS It's hard to believe Harper is so big. I haven't even met her yet :(

~Wyatt~Brittney~Brecken~Oliver~ said...

I can't believe how big she is getting-I'm catching up on everyones blog after a 2 month break- also LOVE the name Dixie- like LOVE it! Wyatt vetoed it for a little girl though!

Heather said...

Cool! I would be scared, too! Craziness! Jacquie, you have such a cool life! :) haha I love reading about your adventures :)