Friday, November 18, 2011

Harper’s 1st Birthday!

I can not believe my baby is 1! I suppose I can’t even really call her my baby anymore, since the actual baby of the family is nesting in my uterus. Where in the world has this last year gone?!?!

For Harper’s birthday, we decided to go with a pumpkin theme since she loves pumpkins so much and it was fitting for the season {note: easy, inexpensive decorations}. This is the invite I made:

Fall 20115

We started off the morning with pumpkin pancakes w/cinnamon syrup and fresh apple juice. It was a big hit!


Harper loves to share her food with us. She’s silly like that!


We blew up 20 balloons and threw them on the living room floor. Harper LOVED playing with them.


She also LOVED playing with her cousin Jaden. She is just so sweet to him…always giving him hugs and kisses. And since he left on Sunday, all I’ve heard this week is….Jaden, Jaden, Jaden….for everything! I think she misses him!


It took me about 5 hours to make this cake…but it was so worth it!! It’s pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting and it was so moist and perfectly delicious. Not to mention how darling it looks! {Yes, I’m a little proud of how it turned out}


Yes, Harper just took a bite of a piece of chocolate with tinfoil on it. Anything to keep her still for a picture…


Harper loved having everyone sing to her. I’m not gonna lie, I was getting pretty choked up! Oh and I’m also not going to lie about the fact that this is the most awkward position to have your picture taken. Squats, anyone? {Grandpa & Grandma Musson were on skype watching the whole thing…hence, the computer}


Harper wasn’t overly sure about getting her hands dirty at first. She sort of picked at it…and then tried to shake the icing off her fingers. Eventually she just gave in.



Harper was absolutely spoiled rotten. I really wasn’t expecting many gifts but she definitely has a lot of people who love her. She needed a little help getting at the wrapping paper at first, but eventually figured it out…sorta! {I am OBSESSED with the owl hat Aunt Brooke made…so cute!!!}


I think really she just enjoyed playing in the wrapping paper. Well, or maybe eating it…


And a cute family shot to end the night. Wow, I love my family!!


I would say it was a birthday success for a sweet little girl who deserves it! Harper is such a happy girl who brings so much love and joy to our family. She is always full of hugs and kisses and frequently offers them unexpectedly. She especially loves to give kisses to and rub her new little brother or sister. I couldn’t have dreamt up a more perfect little girl if I had to. We love you Harper girl!!!


Heather @ Raising Memories Blog said...

Adorable girl.
Adorable cake.
Adorable owl hat.
Adorable family.
I love you & all of this adorableness!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Harper! Isn't it crazy how fast a year goes? Valerie told me about the cake, sooo cute! And that owl hat is sooo cute too!

maryAnne said...

Happy Birthday Harper! Holy smokes time sure fly's I feel like you just had her! I wish we could have come to celebrate. You did such a great job on her cake!! What a cute family you guys are. I hope you are feeling great!

Poulsen Family said...

Happy Birthday Harper!
Looks like your party was a hit.

Eric and Hilary said...

awww what a sweetie! i love the owl hat too! will she make one for brooklyn for her birthday? hahaha jk what a perfect family picture!