Tuesday, August 21, 2012

a hospital, a wedding, and a very exhausted family

here’s a brief rundown of what our last week has been like:

Tues Aug 14  - head home from the ranch to pack and get ready for our drive to San Diego early the next morning for my bro's wedding. ry starts to feel real sick.

Wed Aug 15 - up all night with ry sick. he passed out while going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. i run into the bathroom to find him lifeless slumped over the tub. pick him up to lay him back and he has blood running down his face. ah! looks like he needs stitches. won't let me take him to the er. in the morning, i make him go. after tests we get word that they THINK he might have appendicitis. no clear cut answers. we could do surgery if we want. after prayerful consideration and alot of stress i decide to go ahead with it and hope/pray it's the right decision. has surgery. it was for sure appendicitis. thank heavens i made the right decision! we spend the night in the hospital.

Thurs Aug 16 - we're supposed to be arriving in San Diego for bro's wedding but ry is so not well. ah! what to do? decide to fly. get last minute tickets for that night (thanks to my parents). get released from hospital, go home to finalize packing and then drive to utah. i have 2 children under 2, a husband who can't lift more than 10lbs and is in alot of pain, 2 carry on pieces, 3 suitcases, and 2 carseats. AH! STRESS! Arrived in San Diego @ 11pm. To bed by 1am.

Fri Aug 17 - Ry sleeps all day. I sleep all morning and then spend time with my fam.

Sat Aug 18 - Wedding Day. Beautiful. HOT.

Sun Aug 19 - Sightseeing. Harper LOVED the beach.

Mon Aug 20 - Flying home day. Arrive at San Diego airport. Right as we pull up to unload Harper pukes ALL OVER herself and her carseat. Luckily bags were not checked yet. Changed her and packed extra clothes in our carry on. Layover in Pheonix. Harper has a squishy diaper that goes right through her clothes. AH! Down to last outfit. Get to SLC. Harper and I get on shuttle to go grab the car and pick up ry, ray and luggage at terminal. Realized I didn't grab her carseat. Buckle her in the back seat and hope we don't get pulled over. Get everyone and everything. Drive home.

Tues Aug 21 - Home and recovering. Ry is exhausted and in pain. I'm exhausted. Kids are exhausted. Trying to unpack and do 100 loads of laundry. UGH! What a week! But so glad I could spend time with my family and be there for my bro's wedding. Ry and the kids were such troopers!

pictures and more details to come.


Heather @ Raising Memories Blog said...

HOLY COW JACQUIE!!!! You were supwerwoman!! I am actually feeling like crying right now, just thinking of what you guys went through that week!!! WOW! I hope Ryan feels better soon!! So ridiculous!! So glad you could be there for the wedding though, wow. wow. wow!

Eric and Hilary said...

What a disaster! Sounds like our venture to get to Amber's wedding! But worse! You are amazing. Is Ryan all better now? Do you know why Harper was barfing? This makes that adorable picture of your family at the wedding even more impressive. Poor Ryan!

Kristen said...

I would have given in way back there when the blood happened! You're amazing.

I think you deserve some kind of medal. Or ice cream at least!