Thursday, April 11, 2013

the love month

We kicked off the month of February with a little birthday celebration. No I did not turn 7, 8 or 17…they were just the only candles at the ranch. When you don’t bring up everything you need, you make do with what you have. Daddy and Harper made this delicious pineapple upside down cake complete with cherries. It was scrumptious!



And I may or may not have hung out in my pajamas all day at the ranch. Think what you want! ;)

For a little birthday/valentine’s day celebration, Ryan and I took a little romantic getaway to Twin Falls (yes, it’s only an hour away – don’t judge!) It was the first time I had ever been away from Harper for a night minus when I had Ray. It was so hard to leave the kids but such a much needed break for both Ryan and I. We went to the temple, ate sushi, went shopping and went to the Alex Boye concert. We stopped at Deseret Book to pick up a couple things after the temple and happened to run into Mr.Boye. Who knew! It was so random. We had a great time and are so grateful for everyone who made it possible!


We kicked off Valentine’s Day with heart-shaped pancakes. Yes, we are very festive around here. Daddy bought Harper and Mommy Valentine’s treats. Harper loved hers, if you can’t tell…


Harper finger painted for the first time. She did about 3 pictures and wanted to keep going. She loved it and was remarkably clean by the end!


In a 12 hr period, we busted Ray reading a book (which he was very pleased with himself over), playing hitler (compliments of his first oreo), and practicing being a cowboy (foreshadowing the near future?!?). Not to mention his wildly long, flowy hair.


And Ray may or may not have spent this day in his pajamas. Let’s be honest here – would you ever get dressed if you lived in a secluded place and never left your house or saw anybody besides your family?

No?!? That’s what I thought!!

Hope your love month was filled with as much awesomeness as ours!


Kristen said...

I love your candles. Ha!!!

The Musson Family said...

Wow Ryan and Harper make a great cake. I love that cake. And the candles just finish it off perfect. The pictures of the kids are priceless. Harper sure like the chocolates and Ray is going to be one cute cowboy.