Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ray’s 1st Birthday


On Sunday, we celebrated Ray’s birthday with all of our nearby family. It was the first time officially having people over at our new house so it was super fun…and exhausting :).  It’s so hard to believe that Ray is already 1. Time really goes way too quickly these days.

Our menu for the bday party consisted of bbq beef sandwiches with a variety of Sweet Baby Ray’s bbq sauce {of course!}, coleslaw, chips, fruit with fruit dip, and chocolate sheet cake with ice cream. I’m not going to lie, it was all very tasty. We’ve been thoroughly enjoying the leftovers this week!

Ray was stone face and wasn’t quite sure about us singing Happy Birthday to him.


But after sticking a burning candle in his face for a minute…he became very interested in sticking his hand in the fire. Harper tried to help him blow it out; however, I think I ended up being the successful one :).


It really didn’t take him long to make a ginormous mess with his cake. He must’ve liked it…


Harper was our big helper when it came time for gifts. Ray really wasn’t all that interested so it was mostly Harper and I opening them. Boys!


Grandma took some time to read the kids Ray’s new book. I just love this picture.


And I especially love this picture…


And these, of course…


Happy Birthday Ray Ray!

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The Musson Family said...

What a great day!! He is so cute and I love how happy he looks in his birthday hat. Good work getting Ryan to wear one too!! And you food sounds so yummy and the cake looked good. Wish we could have been there.