Tuesday, November 11, 2008

dc office retreat

so this past weekend we had a retreat for all of the guys in ry's office this past summer and coming back next summer and potential recruits. we didn't have as great of a turn out as we were originally planning on, but it was SO FUN with those that were there. i can't stop thinking about how much fun we had!!!

we went to a cabin in soda springs, id. it was literally in the middle of nowhere...there was no cellphone service. but it was so great, because i didn't have to cook for everyone :) the wife of the owner did the cooking and i was more than happy to relieve myself of those responsibilities. ok, this may be a picture overload...but i have so many fun pics to share. enjoy!

on the way to the cabin, ry and i stopped at this natural spring that actually has like carbonated water coming out of it (hence the name soda springs, i think). we just had to try it! it tasted like carbonated sulfur water. it wasn't really good at all but we kept drinking it cuz it tasted so weird. lol. it was cool.

some chocolate fountain goodness :) (yes i ate a lil bit...it was a special occasion. seriously.)
no party is a real party without rockband: (these videos are HILARIOUS!!!)

we played a lil truth or dare....good times!

ry and nick making a lil concoction for kapri. sick!

kapri drinking the concoction. she's so brave.

jesse dunking his head in the snow after putting it in the hot tub

maryanne kissing the dead dear. yum :)

then we hung out by the fire making smores and talking til about 3am.

kapri and i

ry and i thought we were getting a cute pic together...lol. thanks jesse :)

nic walked through burning hot coals about 50000 times. he nuts!

we took a group shot the next morning before we left...

and then we were off to lava hot springs. it was super fun but the pools were SO HOT!!! one of them was 115 degrees. is that even legal???

THANK YOU to everyone who came. we had so much fun and can't stop talking about it!!!


~Wyatt~Brittney~Brecken~ said...

Sounds fun! That water you drank looked like a dare... yuck was it really that orange brown color. . .

Poulsen Family said...

The carbonated water you drank looks disgusting! I hope you didn't get sick after. Looks like you guys had quite the retreat! Who's cabin did you stay at?

brandenandrobin said...

Looks like fun and yuck on the water.. Jacquie oh Jacquie.. always tasting gross stuff!

The Musson Family said...

Wow! That looked like alot of fun. I can't believe the crazy things you guys were doing. I also loved Maryann kissing the dead dear. And drinking that water was probably not a good idea. LOL I love your new coat. Thanks for sharing your good times with us.

Thayne & MaryAnne Garner said...

Yes everyone should have been there it was such a good time. Is Thayne searously trying to lick his boob. What a funny guy!! Who's husband is that:)?