Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Don't Forget...

about the scentsy giveaway. there's 16 more days. click here to read about it and enter your name. anyone can enter. even if you're secretly blog stalking me :) i'd actually love you to!

trust me, these things are seriously AMAZING and you definitely want to win the plug-in and fall in love with scentsy. i was skeptical at first too. but after so many compliments on my yummy smelling more skepticism here.

i can ship orders anywhere in the united states. so if you want to order, give me a call and i'll pick out some yummy scents based on your sniffers preferences :)

also, with the christmas season fast approaching (there's snow on the ground...ah!), this is the perfect time to get your friends together and start christmas shopping before the rush. scentsy products are perfect for that special christmas gift for the one you, sister, grandma, friend. for the month of november, anyone who hosts a party (which consists of inviting all your friends/acquaintances and having some cookies/drinks prepared) will receive a $5 credit (that's a free scentsy bar!) on top of the free and discounted products that you can earn as a hostess. so, think about it and let me know!

*i'm willing to travel in the utah/idaho region


Hilary said...

Snowberry is the best winter scent!

Ryan and Jacquie said...

i agree!

Robert and Elizabeth Barrett said...

Are you reffering to me stalking your site because I added you as a blog I am "following"? lol, I am trying to figure out how to get your link on my blog so I can find you faster, and that was the best I got. haha