Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

so we had a rockin' (literally with rockband constantly going!) halloween party this year. we had tons of our friends over and just had a blast playing and eating good food. thanks so much to everyone who came and brought yummy goodies and participated in the silly games i had planned. you are all the best!!! here are some pics of our fun night...

the invites i made
the yummy food!

rockin' out

the bedkes - plug & socket
won "the couple that makes you think 'i'll never dress like that!' award"
the atwoods - scarecrow & witch
won the pumpkin carving contest
the burchs - hillbillys and a lil dino
mike won "person dressed most like their personality award"
the barretts - cheerleaders!
the hyers - fisherman & perfect catch with their ballerina princess
won "the perfect match award"
jesse&brooke as dwight&angela
the clawsons - personal trainer&her diet :)
jeff won "people's choice award"
the scaleses - dressed as each other with lil puppy & belle
won "the couple that makes you think 'how did she get him to dress like that?' award"
joe won "the person dressed least like their personality award"
the lammers' aka the doctors


Kimberly said...

awh it looks like y'all had so much fun. I was wondering what happened to your blog...I made a comment on Vanessa's blog asking her what happened. Y'all have so much fun all the time. I'm headed your way as soon as I can!! :) j/k... Hope all is well with you guys... Thanks for the recipe for pumpkin choc chip cookies...I haven't had a chance to make them yet because I got sick, but I will...don't you worry...Tell Lammers hello for me...I haven't talked to him since I left...

~Wyatt~Brittney~Brecken~ said...

So I am SO bumbed we didn't make it and even more so from the pics and the yummy food! Wyatt was SO sick we went trunk or treating and he almost lost it, then we went to his ma's so she could see Brecken and he did lose it, so we came home. . .the end. Wish we could have been there ROCKIN'!

Thayne & MaryAnne Garner said...

Oh you guys look so good! You look so skinny. Wish we could have been there. I'm excited to see you guys at the cabin.

Poulsen Family said...

Your costume made me laugh- it suits you guys :) Well, it looks like Christopher and I missed another exciting event. I sure hope being here is worth it, because I am beginning to think I am missing out on a lot of fun things :(

Hilary said...


Oh my gosh that is amazing. We're totally going to copy that one of these years.

Looks like you had a fun party!

The Musson Family said...

Oh Jacquie! Your party looked like it was so much fun. Great pictures you too of everyone. And the food looked yummy. I'm so glad your blog is back up and running with your help. LOL Well thanks for sharing your night with us. We wished we could have been there.

The Musson Family said...

Oh and I forgot to tell you I loved Ryan and your costume. It was so adorable. Good idea you came up with. That's my girl, always thinking.

Kara & Levi said...

Hahaha, my cousin and his wife were the plug and socket thing for Halloween too! How crazy that there was 2 plugs and sockets on Halloween!!!

Robert and Elizabeth Barrett said...

You are a party MASTER.

Eric and Hilary said...

first of all i cannot believe u deleted your blog! second i need your recipes back!!!! what were u thinking? lol i was actually gonna make pineapple chicken or hawaiian chickwen or whatever tonight. i need them back! lol