Tuesday, March 3, 2009

i heart wags.

i've mentioned it before but i just wanted to re-emphasize...i LOVE couponing! it is so exhilirating. i seriously feel on top of the world. in my quest to save money, i have been waiting for the day of HUGE savings like some of my talented friends. well, that day has finally come!

today i bought $42.92 of product (without taxes) for...

{drum roll, please}

$0.02 (with taxes)!!!

i'm not even joking!

do you want to know how??

plus antibiotic bandaids
clearance price $1.09 x2
walgreens easy saver coupons $1/1 x 2
manufacturers coupon $1/1
=$0.82 PROFIT!

colgate toothpaste
regular price $3.29
manufacturers coupon $0.75/1
received $3.50 in register rewards
=$0.96 PROFIT!

walgreens headache relief
sale price $2.99
walgreens rebate $2.99

regular price $11.99 x 2
walgreens easy saver coupons $10 x 2
manufacturers coupon $4 x 2
= $4.02 PROFIT!

cottonelle fresh wipes
regular price $3.49
walgreens coupon $1.50
manufacturers coupon $0.50
= $1.49

bikini zone cream
regular price $8.99
clearance price $2.25
no coupons...i randomly spotted it and thought i'd try it

ya, that's right! i kicked some major walgreens butt today...


Hilary said...


If it weren't for your Bikini Zone impulse buy, Walgreens would owe YOU!

Let us know how that works out :)

Gena said...

Looks like I need to start shopping at Walgreens! I never think to go there. You got some killer deals!!

Kimberly said...

how did you get all these different coupons?! their specific website and the walgreens website or what? i wanna learn how to do that. we need to save all the money we can. diapers and formula are expensive. teach me please!!!

Poulsen Family said...

Way to go! I wish I could be that thrifty.

brandenandrobin said...

I amazed by you. i do couponing, but I'm not quite this good t it.. partly because its harder to get coupons in canada and partly because i'm just not.

by the by your letter for the alphabet game is J