Tuesday, March 3, 2009

can you believe this guy?

i've been watching The Bachelor throughout this entire season. i mean, Jason's cute and nice and fun and, dare i say, p-e-r-f-e-c-t...until now!

can you believe what he did last night to melissa?? i was so shocked that he picked her in the first place. i totally thought he was going to go for molly. but i love melissa! i think she's so sweet and fun and cute...perfect for jason. and she was so good with ty.

when he was breaking up with melissa last night on national television, i wanted to kick him in his man parts. seriously, who does that? on national television?? and then 2 seconds later asks the "other" girl for another chance??? LAME!!!

{but i have a confession...i still think he's cute and nice and fun, just not quite perfect}

i'm interested to see what goes on tonight...

what did you think??


Lindsey said...

Oh my heck, I haven't been watching religiously, just every once in a while...but holy crap could he BE MORE STUPID!!!
On a sidenote, Kerrigan was able to look past his faults and LOVED him! Everytime he came on the screen last night she would kick and coo and smile...TOTALLY freaked Jared out but how funny is that?!?!?!
Also, I am trying to decorate the new "pad" and am trying to find something to go on our bar area. It is tan, brown and black granite. I am on a tight budget, but do you have any pretty scentsy doodads that sound like they would match and are on sale? I tried to load the catalog, but my computer is a piece of hud and it wouldn't do it. HELP!!!
AND...I am sure this will get old, but your word verifications always make me giggle- today it is narranis (lets just be glad Ryan and Jared didn't see that, they would have WAY too much fun with it)

brandenandrobin said...

Oh my gosh Jacq, I almost BARFEd watching this. First of all I hated Jason in the first place, he just seems fake to me ALL the time.. like he just never seems genuine in the least and he was my least favourite bachelor so far (I loved Brad, because atleast he was honest, although I know everyone hated him). Anyways now I hate him ten times as much, such a jerk and seriously him and molly won't work our either. how embarrassing for her to take him back. I so wouldn't have!

Hilary said...

SO funny that I literally blogged about this at the same time. I guess you can read what I thought there!

mary said...

lol, I'm so glad I haven't gotten into this show only for this reason - that would have made me so MAD!!! lol.

Poulsen Family said...

I think the "Final Rose Part 1" was set up. I think Melissa knew she was being "dumped" or at least had the heads up. Also I think it was smart of Jason to realize he made the mistake before he married her. Better to break someone's heart than marry and break a family. Anyway, I'm not one bit surprised; it's a show that thrives on drama! Unfortunately I thrive on watching the dumb drama. lol

Rick and Jenny Runyan said...

haha I loved this show too, and couldn't believe what all went down...I just think Jason is a confused little man. I liked Melissa way better too, but Jason went on Jimmy Kimmel and said that she'd known he would do that on TV cuz they's already been broken up. It really makes me wonder if they told him to do that for the drama.