Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My March

i know we've been MIA ('missing in action' for those confused) over the last few weeks. i just haven't been feeling very bloggy lately. sorry!!!

if you're curious, here's what i've been up to:

1. received my SSN

2. took the idaho driving test and PASSED!

3. got my hair trimmed by a GUY (and he did a great job)

4. cried ALOT

5. planned our trip across the country to DC

6. had 7 SCENTSY parties

7. drove to SALT LAKE 3x

8. made a completely GREEN dinner for St. Patrick's day

9. bought my BRO a plane ticket to drive cross country with me

10. cleaned and packed...wait, i haven't done that yet. but i will...we're leaving on SUNDAY (or monday)!

ya...we're leaving on Sunday to ryan's house to visit the fam for a couple days before we make our journey to MY HOUSE. that's right...we'll be in ONTARIO from April 4-8!! if you wanna play, let me know.

sorry, no pictures to share. i'm too lazy to go get my camera cord downstairs in the war zone (the boys are playing call of duty)


Kimberly said...

make a side trip and come to texas!!!

Eric and Hilary said...

yay! you're finally going home! i wish i would be there. but then again you will be right next to me all in good time. can't wait!

Lindsey said...

How EXCITING you get to go home!!! Hooray!!!! When do you guys come to D.C.- we are so excited to see you guys and introduce you to the little peanut!
Word verification: ludshme...sounds like a Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter character!

Rick and Jenny Runyan said...

We'll miss you here in Rexburg! Hope the drive goes well and you have a lot of fun this summer. Take care and I hope you're doing good!
PS:I need to get an ID driver's license too-mine is from Cali and still has my maiden I'm hoping I can pass!

Kristina said...

I'm so sad you're leaving! Hey, question: how did you change your comments to be "sharin' the love"? I can't find a link to do that anywhere and I want to be creative and original, too! :D

hdawgy said...

I wanna see the other cirque shows now too! It's addicting! haha The Serendipity is right on Las Vegas Blvd right in front of Cesar's Palace! It's pretty new! One of my friend's from high school helped open it! Now everytime I drive through Vegas I wanna stop and eat there cuz it's so yummy! You need to go back and eat there! I can't believe you guys didn't see it! It's like on the side of the road meaning not in a hotel! haha Have you ever eaten there? Well shoot you're in DC right now so drive to NYC and go to the one there! haha

Kimberly said...

i miss you! text me sometime