Wednesday, May 6, 2009

where to start...

we're in dc now!! we have been here for a month. haha. i've been a major blogging slacker. we don't have internet in our apartment yet and i always forget to bring my camera with me to the clubhouse.

well, where should i start...we had a fun drive across the country. luckily, the weather was great and my bro was excellent driving company for me. we made it to my house and had a blast. unfortunately i neglected to take any pictures. i'm so lame. but we loved every minute of being there and are so grateful to my family for putting up with us. we just wish we could have stayed longer!!!

you can check out my mom's blog for pictures!!

after only a week in dc, we jumped on a plane to portland for my bro-in-laws wedding. everything was so beautiful and we enjoyed our quick trip. we're excited to have brooke in the family!

Ryan has been kicking some major sales butt since we got here. he really has been doing great and i'm so proud of him! i think he's at about 30 sales already. you go babe!!!

we went to five guys burgers & fries just around the corner and look where the potatoes were from...

we had to work really hard to hold ourselves back from telling everyone that we live there...haha

Brooke and I took a lil trip into dc on saturday for some embassy celebrations. the embassies to several countries were having open houses with things from their country including food, dance, music and such. we hung out in korea, benin, thailand, botswana, uzbekistan and serbia (i think that's it). it was really fun! i sure love dc.

in thailand. ya, that's real fruit carved all pretty like.

hanging out in thailand. brooke made me do it!

Brooke in front of the potomac river

well, there's your update! any questions???


Poulsen Family said...

Any questions? I don't even know where to begin?!!! First you looking HOT in your outfit for the wedding. Where did you find that pencil skirt? I have been looking for one FOREVER! Second, post some pictures of where you live. I want to see this place. Third, I am SO happy you finally posted!!! Keep the posts coming so I don't forget what you look like :)

Soren and Sandy said...

I have missed your updates, girl!! I certainly am glad you are having fun! Ryan's brother looks just like him!!!

Vanessa said...

You finally decided to write a blog entry? Gosh girl :P hahha jk! You always have new clothes missy! Honestly...every new picture I see of you is a new outfit..what the heck haha! Well it looks like you are having fun! I get tempted to come and live with you, but i don't have an american visa...lame!! I miss you!

hdawgy said...

I'm glad you finally updated girl! That embassy celebration thing looks pretty cool! I want to eat that yummy fruit!