Friday, May 14, 2010


I celebrated my 26th birthday back on Feb. 6th. I’ll be honest, it was kind of a rough birthday but Ryan did his best to make it special.  I had to work (unpaid training on a Saturday to be exact – which would naturally put anyone in a bad mood) and it was a super looooong day. I felt like everything that could possibly go wrong that day was going wrong. And it ended in a lot of tears. But the celebrating part was great minus one incident.


Me and Brooke


A little mexican tradition

THE INCIDENT - Brooke made me a delicious cake filled with surprises. Her family has a tradition of putting coins in the cake, each symbolizing something of the cake eater’s (aka whoever finds a coin in their cake piece) future. Ry thought he would be hilarious and fake choking to freak Brooke out for putting coins in the cake. Instead it backfired and I totally believed he was choking and just stood there in shock as Jeff started to do the Heimlich on him. They broke from it shortly after and started laughing as I started shaking and bawling. I was so scared!!! Not a very nice joke to play on my bday. 


The ridiculous reenactment

 IMG_1029 The party crew

I ended the day hoping that my birthday wasn’t an indicator of how the year was going to be. So far, so good!  I’m pretty sure I was just being a spoiled brat that day though. I mean, it was my birthday :)

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The Musson Family said...

I didn't know Ryan pulled that trick on you. It must have freak you out. You poor girl. Your cake looked yummy. Sorry I wasn't there for it.