Friday, May 14, 2010

playing a little catch up…

Beware of a blog overload!

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Kimberly said...

Can I just say first of all the I am so excited to hear you and Ryan are still alive and well! I miss your guts like crazy. Why couldn't Ryan come to Texas to work? Bah Humbug! I am sorry about the choking incident, but it is a total Ryan thing to do.

I love that y'all made so many cute cookies! It makes me want to go whip up a batch of cookies right now (but I won't it's almost 11 here!).

Love that you shared your nasty rotting bread with the ducks haha!

It sounds like you guys have been super busy. But sometimes it's good to be busy. Your Mother's Day meal looks so freaking good - Ryan can come cook at our home anytime!!

I miss you like crazy and can't believe it has been like 3 years since I've seen you. That is way to freaking long! I hope all is well and we need to catch up! I want to know what's going on!! Tell Ryan hello!