Friday, May 14, 2010

march til now

My camera consists of 5 pictures from March 1st until now. How sad is that?? Shows how eventful our life is!  Actually, it’s kind of eventful.  March was the month of putting in my resignation to work, packing, saying goodbye to very close friends, and moving.

So, in case you’re interested, read on…


the resignation.

Giving my 2 weeks notice was harder than I could have imagined it. I loved my job so much. I worked with some of the best people I’ve ever met. People who truly wanted to help others and loved their job. I learned so much from them. And my kids! What can I say, I sure learned to love them. Thinking about them now still makes me emotional and I find myself wondering how they’re doing. It was such a rewarding job (after the initial ‘why in the world am i doing this?’ phase, of course).



We had a ton of packing to do. In fact, we packed our entire house and moved it to storage. Ugh! What a process. You don’t realize how much CRAP you have acquired  until you have to pack it. So fun!


saying goodbye.

It makes me want to bawl to think that we might never see some of our closest friends in a long while. Our Rexburg chapter has kind of closed. We most likely won’t be back and if we do, few of our friends will be there. We’ve had some good times in Rexburg. In fact, we fell in love, dated for 2 years, got married (well technically we got married in Canada), graduated, and bought a new house all in the Burg. Good times!


the move.

On March 31st we left for Indianapolis. We arrived on April 3rd thanks to part of the highway being closed in Wyoming due to a storm. Bleh!  The drive was rather uneventful; however, we rather enjoyed being stuck in a car together, watching movies, talking, eating, and listening to music. It was like a 3 day party. We arrived safely and have quickly settled in.


carmel, indiana.

Well we’ve been here for a month and a half. Ryan is working hard knocking doors and I’m working not so hard being the office manager. I love the area we are in. It is great! I have a grocery store 1 block away and within 5 miles we have an awesome mall, Walmart, Target, a million yummy restaurants, 2 hospitals and pretty much anything you could ever want/need. We haven’t been up to a whole lot since Ryan’s job is pretty demanding. But we have managed to fit in a little fishing here and there at the small lake our apt complex has.

IMG_1057Ry with his little fishy



Lindsey said...

BUSY BUSY!!! Isn't it funny how much you miss your job?!?!? I guess the most challenging are the most rewarding!

The Musson Family said...

Wow that is quite the fish Ryan has caught there. Did you cook it for supper Jacquie? I love your updates.