Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy 4th!

We celebrated the 4th on the 5th with the following itinerary {after Ry got home from work, of course}:

1. Wear blue t-shirts to show our patriotism

2. Check out the the festival in downtown Carmel and marvel at how many girls with booty shorts can be in one place.

3. Go get some ice cream. Some very rich, creamy ice cream. And teach Jacquie how to play Chess…then laugh a lot because she sucks horribly and is clueless!

4. Scout out a spot to watch the fireworks.

5. Try to enjoy the fireworks while being attacked by TONS of mosquitoes.

6. Go home and wash the bug guts off your hands then lay in bed and talk about how amazing it is to spend time together and be married. Wish that you could do it everyday!!

IMG_1176    IMG_1179



Lindsey said...

I totally blog stalked some of your looks like you guys are all pregnant together- how fun!

P.S. I will be including the following to all my comments until you comply : BELLY SHOT BELLY SHOT BELLY SHOT!!!!

Ryan & Jacquie said...

I complied :)