Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ryan’s Week!

Father’s day and Ryan’s birthday were a few days apart so we had a big week of celebrating all of Ryan’s awesomeness. For father’s day, I woke up early and made Ryan breakfast in bed. Yes, I served it to him on a cookie sheet. You have to improvise when you have very few of your things with you for the summer. IMG_1154

After church, we BBQ’s steaks and zucchini by the pool. We had a delicious dinner and lounged by the pool for the afternoon. It was so fun to just spend the day with Ryan and show him how much I appreciate him and all he does for our lil family.IMG_1155

Ry living the life. Can you spot his 3rd nipple?IMG_1157

On Ry’s actual birthday (June 23rd) we went out for sushi. It was so delish! Unfortunately for me {luckily for ryan} I forgot my camera. The next day, I made a special dinner for him and then invited some family and friends over to eat cake and hang out. Yes, there are 27 candles on that cake. AH!IMG_1164


I’m not going to get all mushy, but I sure am grateful to have such an amazingly strong, hardworking husband. He is definitely my better half and it was so fun to celebrate HIM for a week!



Lindsey said...

Dang, I am bummed I missed Ryan's birthday...I used to have your's and Ry's (they were actually the only ones' I had : )saved on the calender on my phone. Then my turkey of a kid erased all my upcoming dates. Tell him I said happy birthday!

The Musson Family said...

Looks like Ryan had a great couple of days. And I'm so glad you is such a great guy and is taking such good care of our girl. Thanks Ryan and Happy Birthday.