Friday, October 1, 2010

September Recap: Adventures of Living in Limbo

Here is a recap of our September. We extended our selling season for the month of September in order for Ryan to hit his sales goals {which might I add, he has done a mighty fine job doing. I’m so proud of you babe!!!}. It turned out to be quite the adventure.



We moved a total of 5 times:

1. Indianapolis, IN to Springfield, MOIMG_1274


2. Springfield, MO to Dodge City, KS



In Dodge City, we had to move rooms 2x while we were at our hotel which was such a hassle (consider we are hauling our entire life around with us); however for a major portion of the week we scored the presidential jacuzzi suite because that’s all they had! SCORE!


3. Dodge City, KS to Garden City, KS

I had been craving chocolate ALL month but kept putting it off. Finally at about 11pm one night in Garden City I couldn’t fight the cravings anymore. So I went to Walmart in my pj’s and grabbed myself a rather excellent selection of chocolatey goodness.IMG_1309


4. Garden City, KS to Wellington, KS

In Wellington, we checked into our “motel” and it was absolutely terrible. I mean this place was a dump – smelled like smoke, everything was dirty/grimy, there were slight poop stains on the sheets, and the door had a huge gap when it was shut and bugs were coming in and out. There had to have been bed bugs too. I really wish we took pictures. We all lasted a few hours but nobody could handle the nastiness of it all so we moved to a hotel in Wichita.


5. Wellington, KS to Wichita, KS

We are currently in Wichita but will be leaving for Houston, TX tomorrow to visit Ryan’s mission for a week. That means tomorrow is the last day of sales!! WOOHOO!! And just over a week until we’re finally home. Hallelujah!

We drove a total of 1230.5 miles moving from place to place.


I cooked 2 full meals on our electric skillet in a hotel {ya, that didn’t last long…such a pain!}

Washed MANY dishes in the bathroom sink.

We ate out 24 times.

We ate at hamburger joints (Wendy’s, McD’s, A&W, etc) 7 times.

We ate at Taco Bell 6 times.

Needless to say, we are SO sick of fast food and SO ready for home cooked meals.


We are living out of small suitcases, which can only hold so much. So our daily wardrobe selection consists of the same 8 shirts and 3 pairs of shorts/pants. Nice!

I did a total of 6 loads of laundry.

2 of those loads I did by hand in the tub of our hotel room {due to the lack of laundry facilities}.IMG_1302


Survived weeks 27 to 30 throughout it all!


ps – Am I seriously 30 weeks already??? I can not believe how fast December is creeping up on us. I have so much to do when I get home. AHHH!!!!!


The Wildes said...

so i LOVE your belly! i cannot wait to meet baby bedke..and are going to be here soonish?? so umm..i'm soo excited haha!! wooohooo!

brandenandrobin said...

its starts going by so fast at the end. until you hit like 38 weeks then it crawls by again,. YOu look adorable Jacquie! and I am impressed you survived all that.

Poulsen Family said...

Earlier today I was thinking how you needed to update your blog. Living in limbo is NO fun. Glad you survived!
You are on the downward slope- how exciting!

Kimberly said...

You look super cute! I can't believe you did laundry in the bathtub - craziness! I would have found a laundromat haha! I'm lazy like that! Sounds like you have had a crazy time, but I am super excited you are coming to see us!!! I can't freaking wait!!! :)

The Musson Family said...

Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. I love seeing the pictures. Especially the ones of you and Ryan in Dodge City. How come Ryan is behind the bars and you are looking sexy at the doorway. hahaha You are such a trooper to do all of this. Especially washing clothes in the bath tub. I'm so glad to hear you are heading out soon. Texas will be a nice change for you all. Remember to take lots of pictures. Oh and you should have let me know you had chocolate cravings. I could have sent you the real chocolate from here. haha Your belly looks so cute. Wish I could rub it and talk to her. We love your both so much. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

Aunt Hama said...

You are a brave family! I love the stories, the photos, and of course the bump! I'm glad you can come home.