Sunday, July 10, 2011

4th of July 2011

Our 4th of July celebrations consisted of the 4 F’s – Family, Friends, Food and Fireworks.

We spent a lot of time at Grandma Bedke’s visiting family from out of town {and in town} and eating ridiculously good food {as always}. On Saturday night, we watched fireworks courtesy of Grandma and Ry’s cousin Derek. Harper LOVED them. She did not squawk once. She just kicked her feet and watched them so contently. I was pretty amazed. I assumed there would have been at least a couple tears. She also got to try out a couple of sparklers {well, she obviously didn’t hold them, but you know what I mean}. I absolutely love this picture of Aunt Addie holding a sparkler with Harper.


On Monday, we started off our day in style with red, white and blue pancakes:


We enjoyed a day of shopping, visiting and just spending time together.



Do you see anything wrong with the above pictures {besides the fact that Ry needs a haircut real bad}?

Yes…that is correct. Harper is not being very patriotic in her attire.

I had the cutest red, white and blue outfit for her. I had it picked out long before she was born. It was cute, had all of the colors and I knew it would fit her by the 4th. Perfect!

I put it on her about 10 minutes before we left for Grandma Bedke’s for lunch. Literally, 5 minutes after she had it on she puked all over the front of it. I wanted to bawl! I finally came to terms with it, put her in something different and decided I’d wash it so she could wear it to the ward party that night {and get a cute family picture}. I ended up running it through the washer twice in order to get the stain out. Luckily, we had it clean and dried about 10 minutes before we had to leave for the party. We got her dressed and not even 2 minutes later she puked all over it again!!! Now I really wanted to bawl. I decided my daughter had it in for me {or America}.

The weird part of this story is that she very rarely pukes.

I’ve decided she just really wants to be Canadian!

She never puked on her Canadian onesie…


The Musson Family said...

Now that's my girl. She has it so right. No puking on her Canadian onesie. That is so funny. I love her face watching the sparkler. And the pancakes are so cool. Never thought of making them colored before. I love the family photo. But I think you forgot to get one other flag out. We do share the same weekend and you could have held them both up. hahahaha (just bugging you)

brandenandrobin said...

Its cause she knows Canada rocks. thats too hilarious though. Kids always do that!!

Eric and Hilary said...

i feel your pain. i would've been so sad too :( you still have to get some pictures of her in it tho!

Lindsey said...

Tucker and Harper are so in sync! Except Tucker pooped all over his- it was pronounced Dead On Arrival and thrown away, we didn't even save it for future 4th of July babies.

Someday, at their wedding reception perhaps, we should share this story of their joint efforts to ruin 4th of July...maybe they were retaliating because they weren't together for the holiday : )