Sunday, July 10, 2011

duke, dixie and the unnamed


remember duke?

this is ryan riding duke OUTSIDE of the corral. he’s been riding him like this all week and duke has been awesome!

ry also started working with dixie and another 2 yr old colt {that is yet to be named} this week. he’s had time to spend almost all day with the colts so they’re making a lot of progress quickly.

got any ideas for a name for the unnamed colt?

ry is open to suggestions.

i was thinking Mister.

if he chooses one of the names you suggest, you’ll win a 5 night stay on this luxurious ranch. complete with horseback ridin’, 4wheelin’, gun shootin’ and dang good food {oh and some totally awesome hosts}. this is all-inclusive folks!

ok, you’re right. i’m just trying to trick you into coming to see us. but still…


The Musson Family said...

Ok, I'm determined to win this luxurious ranch trip. lol So here are a few names for you to pick from. I hope Ryan can find one that he likes. :) Dusty, Chico, Fabio, Felix, Romeo, Barney, Jake, Peyton, Scout, Chevy, Decker, Firefly, Taz, Lancelot, Gomer, Hercules, Jake, Oscar, Tyson, Kermit and my favorite JED (initials of Jacqueline Eva Delight). Ok, Ryan surely one of those will suit that colt. And if you need more let me know, I'm sure I can come up with a few more. Be sure and let me know which one you pick. hahahahaha

The Wildes said...

hey mom is cheating haha! You can't just list names :P How about Kirby? haha I dunno :P

Poulsen Family said...

I am going to think long and hard on a name because I REALLY want to win this! I don't even care about the amenities, as long as the hosts are there I will be happy.