Saturday, July 2, 2011

daddy’s getting old

Ryan turned 28 this year. It’s so wild to me that we’re fast approaching 30. I always used to think 30 was OLD! Turns out , I was wrong. I’ve decided anything over 90 is OLD…and we have a lot of years in us before it gets to that point.


For ry’s birthday, his mom made delicious marinated steak. And his sister made his all-time favorite peanut chocolate cake. And, well, Harper and I decorated the house with balloons and streamers and “happy birthday” signs, and sent ry on a little hunt to find his gifts:

I have a few things that you might like,

But you will have to take a hike.

To begin you will want to look,

Somewhere one might like to cook.

Where it was found: in the oven

What was there: coupon for a pie of his choice


This one isn’t quite as clear,

But I’ll give you a clue – it’s below here.

You’ll find it in something, I would bet,

That keeps you dry from the wet.


Where it was found: in his rain boots

What was there: coupon for a pedicure


Now onto the best gift of all,

It might make you so happy you’ll want to bawl.

This place is favorite every night.

It rejuvenates your mind, body and sight.

Where it was found: in our bed

What was there: coupon for a 5 min back rub everyday for a year < {now that is true love}


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The Musson Family said...

Hey, Josh pointed out that Harper is just staring at Ryan's candles. She really does like the lights so much. What a girl!