Saturday, July 2, 2011

the reunion of family

Last week we had ryan’s mom’s family reunion up at the ranch. It was so much fun visiting with aunts, uncles and cousins that we don’t see very often. Our agenda was jam packed over 2.5 days. I think the best part though was all of the ridiculously good food we ate. Here’s a lil summary of some of the other excellent parts of the reunion:

Burnett Reunion2

1 – VISITING. Just hanging out in the shade watching others ride horses. I didn’t position anyone for this picture. They were all just standing like this watching and chatting; I thought with the background {just the dirty shop down by the corrals} it was such a cool pic.

2 – CAMPFIRE. We enjoyed hot dogs and s’mores with a lil game of fuzzy bunny between Ryan, Addie, Hazel and I.

3 – REGISTER ROCK. This is such a cool place. It’s along the California Trail which runs right through the ranch. I’ll have to do a post about this sometime!

4 – TARGET PRACTICE. Almost everybody got a lil lesson in shooting a gun and then we had a competition.

5 – PLAYTIME. Obviously Harper was never suffering from lack of attention. But, really, does she ever?!?

6 – BONFIRE. There was an old, very heavy couch and bed in the basement that we commissioned the boys to carry out and burn up. They happily obliged!

7 – HAYRIDE. We took a hayride one morning to see register rock and some of the other cool landmarks around the ranch.

8 – HORSIES. We watched Ry play with Duke. We also had “child-friendly” horses that everyone was able to ride.

9 – And some of us got an extra special ride in the bucket of the tractor!

Oh and did I mention we ate a TON of really amazing food? Oh I did. Ok, good!

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The Musson Family said...

Sure looks like it was alot of fun. And hey was it you in the bucket of the tractor taking pictures????