Saturday, July 2, 2011

these are a few of her favorite things


Harper will seriously eat anything edible {and inedible, including paper}. There is nothing we’ve fed her that she doesn’t love {including lemons and vinegar}…

Some of her very favorites are Sunday’s roast beef dinners {taking after her dad} and anything sweet {taking after her mom}, including suckers {she did not like when we took it away} and especially chocolate.




She especially loves horsies and doggies. As soon as she sees either her eyes go big and her feet start kicking and she starts hollering with excitement. It’s so darn cute! She is not afraid of them at all. She’ll happily go right up close and reach out to touch them.




Harper’s legs were kicking the entire time she rode the tractor with Grandpa. And he said she wanted to touch the steering wheel the entire time. She was also all smiles and happy feet when we sat her on the 4wheeler with daddy.




Some of Harper’s biggest smiles and giggles come from hanging upside down and spinning around and being tossed up and down! I’m so excited to have another roller coaster riding partner one day…

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The Musson Family said...

I think this little girl not only takes after her Mommy, but also her Grandma. Love of Chocolate/Sweets and horses. Now that's my girl. :)